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Microsoft OneDrive at IU provides a simple, secure way to share and store files online. The sharing settings available in OneDrive allow the ability to securely collaborate on files and folders.

To access Microsoft OneDrive at IU, go to and click Log in. At the "Sign in" prompt, enter your IU username followed by (do this no matter what your email address is). At the password prompt, enter your IU passphrase. Do not click anything on the sign-in pages other than Next and Sign in. Click OneDrive.

Private folders

When a new folder is created, it will be a private folder by default, as indicated by the "Sharing" column in the file/folder list online in OneDrive.

Shared folders

To access the most granular levels of permissions settings, select the level of sharing in the "Shared" column beside the name of the folder, and then click Advanced in the window that appears. If you see "Stop Inheriting Permissions" at the top (which will usually appear if the folder has not been shared yet), you will need to click it, and then click OK to enable the ability to grant more permissions.

To add permissions from here:

  1. Click Grant Permissions.
  2. In the window that appears, in the "Enter names and email addresses..." box, enter the username of the person with whom you wish to share folders, and then select the user from the drop-down list. If sharing with an external user, enter the user's email address.
  3. Click Show Options, and then select the desired permission level. For more about the available permission levels, see Default permission levels.
  4. Click Share.

If you need less granular permission settings, you may select the folder in OneDrive, and then click either Share or Copy link at the top of the page. If a share link does not yet exist, click Copy link to create one. In the window that appears, by default, the option People in Indiana University with the link can edit will be selected. To change this, click that option and select any of the following:

  • Anyone with the link
  • People in Indiana University with the link
  • People with existing access (this option will generate a link without actually adding more collaborators)
  • Specific people

Once you've selected the desired options and/or entered email addresses, click Send if going through the Share option, or send the link to collaborators as needed if you copied a link.

To share files from OneDrive with users outside of IU, use either Specific people and send the link through the Share button to the external email addresses, or use the Anyone with the link option. Specific people is more secure, as it will restrict access to only the user(s) of the invited email addresses using unique links and a confirmation code.

When sharing a folder, under "Other Settings", you can also choose whether users with whom you have shared the folder can edit the folder and whether they are able to download the folder. For more advanced sharing options, click the Shared link in the "Sharing" column, and then click Advanced at the bottom right. This will bring you to a page that allows more granular permission settings and specific roles (for details, see Default permission levels). To add permissions from this page, click Grant permissions. To see specific roles, click Show options at the bottom of that window.

For more about sharing files and folders in OneDrive, see Share OneDrive files and folders.

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