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At Indiana University, faculty members and instructors on any campus can record their classes using the Kaltura Lecture Capture system, and distribute the captured content to their students via the web or Canvas. Kaltura Lecture Capture can capture a variety of inputs.

To schedule a Kaltura Lecture Capture recording of a class you teach, fill out and submit the Kaltura Request Form from Learning Spaces & Technology Services. Submit your request as early as possible, and no later than two business days before you want to use the service. You will receive an automated confirmation message via email after you submit the form, and you'll receive another email message once your recording has been scheduled.

To create an ad-hoc recording of a class you teach, you can use Kaltura Lecture Capture software with the webcam on your computer or use Kaltura Personal Capture, without contacting Learning Spaces & Technology Services.

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Because Kaltura recordings take place during the class period, student questions and comments may be recorded. Kaltura recordings are copyrighted by the instructor, and are provided by the instructor and Indiana University for student personal use in connection with academic coursework at IU. Recordings may not be shared with anyone outside the class for which they are provided or be posted to another website (including YouTube, Facebook, BlipTV, or any other site) without express written permission from the instructor. Any unauthorized use, copying, or distribution of Kaltura recordings may result in disciplinary action and may also lead to civil or criminal penalties.

Because of the possibility of unforeseen technical issues, there is no guarantee that all class sessions will be properly recorded. It is important for students to attend class, actively participate, and take notes. If you miss a class session, there may not be a recording available.

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For help or to learn more, contact UITS Learning Spaces Support (cthelp@iu.edu, 812-856-2020, Skype for Business: cthelp).

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