About the IT Water Cooler


IT Community Partnerships hosts regular IT Water Cooler meetings as opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with others interested in IU IT. Meetings consist of one presentation followed by a lightning round session about current topics of interest.

IT Water Cooler presentations are recorded and posted on the IT Community Partnership Kaltura channel. Visit kaltura.iu.edu, then click the down arrow next to "IU Media" to see ITCP's entire media catalog.

If you have topics in mind that you or your colleagues might like to share at a future IT Water Cooler, email talk2uits@iu.edu.


IT Community Partnerships will host the next IT Pro Water Cooler on March 28, 2019. Topics are as follows:

Start time Speaker Topic
1:30pm ITCP Welcome and housekeeping
1:33pm eDS team Google Roadshow
1:53pm Michael Serie Network Edge Refresh project
2pm Jamie Israel Tool Finder
2:07pm Adam Sweeny User Principal name change
2:14pm Chuck Aikman Content as a Service
2:21pm Dan Calarco Research Labs IT
2:28pm Break Break
2:38pm Michael Mace UDOIT
2:45pm Kevin Brokamp Umail retirement
2:52pm John Weber Mobile device reimbursement process online app
2:59pm Troy Williams New features in Intelligent Infrastructure - Site mobility
3:06pm Bob Flynn Box
3:13pm Eric Westfall IU Open Source
3:20pm ITCP staff Open discussion and questions
3:30pm ITCP staff Closing

Past sessions

  • November 1, 2018:
    • Keynote discussion: Call the CoPs: How Regional Communities of Practice Build Trust - Lee Staton
    • Lightning talks:
      • Human Resources - Juliana Tagliaferri
      • The New Research Technologies Website - Robert Ping
      • Serif: A new microservice built to deliver information about UITS services - Chuck Aikman and Michael Dalton
      • Pluralsight and IT Training - Tom Mason
      • Diversity and Inclusion - Jill Scott
      • Office 365, Skype for Business (Lync), and ADS - Adam Sweeny
      • Office 2019 - John Griguits
      • Working with Institutions Outside Indiana University - Bill Fields
      • IT-28 Updates - Ian Washburn
      • Energy Savings for IU Using Ad Astra - Nathan Byrer
      • Using GovDeals - Ryan Vega
      • Technology and the Big Game - Dan FitzSimmons
      • Flex Time/Closing - IT Community Partnerships
  • June 19, 2018:
    • Keynote discussion: Upcoming Changes to the IT Pro Database - James Russell
    • Lightning talks:
      • eDS Tech Finder Tool - Joanna Ray
      • Two Factor Authentication and REDCap - Catherine Bauer-Martinez
      • Atlassian Suite: What It Is, Upcoming Changes - Craig Solinski
      • Changes in IU Staff Recruiting: Replacing People Admin with PeopleSoft - Mel Ebdon
      • Regional Campus NSF Grant for 10G I-Light Upgrade - Carol Wood
      • Regional Campus Life Is Interpersonal Connections - Nick Ray
      • IT-28 Update - Chuck Escue or Ian Washburn
      • Microsoft Teams, Slack - Morgan Menden
      • Ed Certs - Robert De Roeck
      • What IT Pros Need to Know about the Faculty Guide - Don Lorentz
      • Karst Desktop - Le Mai Weekley
  • April 5, 2018:
    • Keynote: UITS TechSelect (formerly HELPnet) update - Allen Tucker, IT Director, UITS TechSelect
    • Lightning talks:
      • New Consortium of Research IT in the College - Wolf Hey (Director of Research Infrastructure, College of Arts and Sciences)
      • Software Services Selection Process (SSSP) - Tally Thrasher (Director of Purchasing Administration) and James Russell (Group Manager, IT Community Partnerships)
      • Digital Communications Development projects - Chuck Aikman (Manager, Digital Communications Development, UXO)
      • Alertus Desktop Emergency Notifications system - Cinda Haff (Director, OVPIT Emergency Management Program)
      • IU Foundation: Full Disk Encryption - Geoff Morris (Systems Administration Manager) and George Burkhart (Customer Services Supervisor, Indiana University Foundation and IU Alumni Association)
      • IT Connections - Ceci Jones (Manager, Media Relations & Internal Communications, ITCO)
      • Enterprise DB Postgres Offering - Bill Myers (Manager, Enterprise Database Administration)
      • Using the Citrix Receiver vs. the HTML 5 version - Steven Schunk (Virtual Application Engineer, IUanyWare)
      • Solstice - Chris Golden (Principal Systems Analyst, Collaboration Technologies)
      • IT-28: Q&A for IT Pros - Ian Washburn (Systems Risk Mitigation Manager, UIPO)
  • December 7, 2017:
    • New Adobe Contract Brings Major Changes for IT Pros and Users - Bob Flynn (Manager of Cloud Technology Support); Jose Camacaro Latouche and Jason Tratta (Device Management Systems Engineers, Endpoint Management)
    • UISO: Using Open Source Active Scanning Tools - Kurt Seiffert, Principal Security Engineer, UISO
    • Expand Your Thinking to Web-Scale - Bob Flynn (Manager of Cloud Technology Support); Ananya Ravipati (Senior Support Engineer, Cloud Technology Support); Alan Walsh (Principal Analyst, Research Data Services)
    • UISO: Third-Party Security Assessment - Ian Washburn (Systems Risk Mitigation Manager, UISO)
    • Refining the Departmental Box Model - Bob Flynn (Manager of Cloud Technology Support)
    • Two Factor Authentication for Privileged Access - Eric Cosens (University Information Policy Officer, UIPO)
  • June 13, 2017:
    • Part 1
      • State of the threat - Kim Milford (REN-ISAC)
      • NMap basics - Nathan Byrer and Tim Goth
    • Part 2
      • Security analytics - Shawn Vest (Leveraged Services)
      • PhishMe overview - Nitocris Perez (IT Community Partnerships)
      • Hard drive crusher demonstration - Todd Reid (IU Surplus Stores)
  • March 9, 2017:
    • Learning Technologies - Matt Gunkel, Kevin Brokamp, Justin Zemlyak and Nate Pairitz
      • Echo360 retirement
      • Adobe Connect retirement
      • Future with Zoom and Kaltura
    • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning - Cinda Haff
    • New, improved Employee Center - Chris Bezzy and Melanie Ebdon
    • Research Database - Charlie McClary
  • July 14, 2016:
    • IT Policy Alignment Consultations and Log-ALERT by HELPnet
    • Full Disk Encryption
    • Video Surveillance Policy updates
    • Business Recovery and Continuity Plans with Cinda Haff
    • IT Audits in FY17, plus Q&A with Dennis Gillespie from IU Internal Audit
  • July 31, 2015:
    • Identity Finder - Cory Retherford
    • Accessibility Consultation Services - Joe Humbert
    • SHIELD demonstration - Tony Herring
    • CAS interrupts - Nubli Kasa
    • Preview of IT Notice redesign - John Hoerr
    • phishing@iu.edu and phishing reports viewer - Tim Goth
  • Statewide IT 2014:
    • Learning Commons at Herman B Wells Library - Diane Dallis and Stacy Morrone
    • Broadcast - John Hoerr
    • IT Training Center at IU Kokomo - Greg Ogle
    • iOS device management at Recreational Sports - Jeff Yoder and Jacob Senitza
    • Read&Write Gold - Brian Richwine
    • IT Leadership Community - Alan Walsh
  • June 6, 2014 :
    • Welcome and brief introduction - Michele Kelmer
    • Pexip - Steve Egyhazi
    • Lightning round presentations (7 minutes each):
      • Two-factor authentication with Duo - Jacob Farmer
      • KB Search - Michael Dalton
      • Box Notes - Bob Flynn
    • Networking and Q&A
  • March 14, 2014:
    • Welcome and brief introduction - Bob Flynn
    • The new KB - Chuck Aikman
    • Lightning round presentations (7 minutes each):
      • One.IU update and roadmap - Alan Walsh
      • SMALLS recycling/surplus program - Todd Reid and Noma Maier
      • Network in the Data Center - Seth Garrett
      • Campus Bridging and Research Infrastructure: Forward Observer system - Matt Standish
      • Campus Bridging and Research Infrastructure: github.iu.edu service - Rich Knepper
    • Follow-up questions and discussion
  • Statewide IT 2013:
    • Some Assembly Required: IU Northwest's collaborative learning spaces - Mark Uncapher
    • Responsive designing a campus website at IUN - Carol Wood, Myriam Young, and Kenneth Jones
    • Kelley Cares: Massive Online Class - Mike Collins
    • Social Science Research Center - James Russell

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