About Canvas feature requests at IU

Indiana University understands that Canvas may not fully meet the needs of all faculty and students. You can use the Canvas Feature Request site to communicate unmet needs to Canvas administrators and the Canvas Priorities Committee (CPC). Below is a summary of how to submit a feature request and what happens to a request after submission.

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How to submit a Canvas feature request

To submit a Canvas feature request, go to the IU Canvas feature request site, fill in the fields at the bottom of the page, and then click SUBMIT. You can also review and vote for the top feature request submissions from other IU Canvas users.

Alternatively, to submit a feature request from within Canvas:

  1. Log into Canvas.

  2. At the lower left, click Help, and then Provide Feedback to IU.

How Canvas feature requests are prioritized

Review and processing

A Canvas feature request is logged and copy-routed to the UITS Support Center. The Support Center reviews the request to make sure it's not an issue or bug that needs to be addressed immediately, and then takes appropriate action.

UITS reviews and analyzes feature requests monthly, and tracks the following request characteristics:

  • The Canvas tool or component with which the request is associated (if applicable)
  • The number of identical or similar requests
  • The status and number of votes for an identical or similar request (if one exists); if a similar request is not found, UITS submits the request to the Canvas Community
  • Whether a local development effort could potentially address the request

Prioritization and voting

Twice a year, the accumulated feature request data is summarized and presented to the Canvas Priorities Committee (CPC). The CPC prioritizes the requests, recommending which should be made available for voting and which should be pursued for local development.

IU posts the most recently prioritized requests to the IU Canvas Feature Request site for voting. Instructure or IU will pursue development of these requests, giving the highest priority to requests with the most votes.

Prior top requests

As IU posts new feature requests for voting on the Canvas Feature Request site, previous top requests are moved to the "Prior Requests" section with one of the following labels indicating their current status.

  • Archived: Canvas has no plan to develop this feature and it is not on the product roadmap. IU will still explore archived requests for potential development.
  • Product Radar – Canvas: Instructure has no current plan to develop this feature, but the item is still on the roadmap for potential development. If a request remains in this status for a long time, IU may explore developing a solution locally.
  • Product Radar – IU: IU has no current plan to develop this feature; however, it is still on the roadmap for future development by the LMS development team.
  • In Development – Canvas: Canvas is actively developing a solution for this request.
  • In Development – IU: The IU LMS development team is actively working on a solution for this request.
  • Completed – Canvas Canvas has completed and deployed a solution for this request.
  • Completed – IU The IU LMS development team has completed and deployed a solution for this request.

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