Default notification settings in Canvas

By default, Canvas notifications are sent to your official IU email account at the frequency noted in the table below, but you can change these default settings at any time.

See How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as a student? for details about changing the contact method for notifications or the frequency with which you are notified. For additional Canvas information, see the Canvas Guides.

Notification type Default frequency
Course activities
Due date Weekly
Grading policies Weekly
Course content Never
Files Never
Announcement Right away
Announcement created by you Never
Grading including scores when alerting about grade changes
Right away
Invitation Right away
All submissions Never
Late grading Daily
Submission comment Daily
Discussion Never
Discussion post Daily
Added to conversation Right away
Conversation message Right away
Conversations created by me Never
Student appointment signups Never
Appointment signups Right away
Appointment cancellations Right away
Appointment availability Right away
Calendar Never
Membership update Daily
Administrative notifications Daily
Content link error Daily
Recording ready Right away

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