If you aren't receiving Canvas notifications

If you are not receiving notifications from Canvas, two different problems may be the cause:

  • Problems receiving mail:

    If you aren't receiving email from other Indiana University systems or individuals in addition to Canvas, there may be an issue with your email account or its configuration. For help discovering and resolving these issues, see Problems sending or receiving email.

  • Missing or incorrect email address setting within Canvas:

    If you are receiving other types of email through your university email account, but are not getting notifications from Canvas, check the following. For help getting to your list of email addresses in Canvas, see How do I change my default email address?

    • Correct email address in Canvas: Confirm that the address at the top of your "Email Addresses" list is your official IU email address and that any other addresses are spelled correctly. If your default email is incorrect, contact your campus Support Center.
    • Confirmed email address: Most notifications will not be delivered to your email address unless your email has been confirmed. An unconfirmed address will display in red, while a confirmed address will display in black.

      An unconfirmed email address in Canvas
      Unconfirmed address

      A confirmed email address in Canvas
      Confirmed address

      To confirm your email address, click the linked address, click Re-Send Confirmation, and then follow the link in the resulting email message.

    • Warnings: If Canvas received an undeliverable or bounce message from your email account, you may see a warning icon and/or a message reading "Canvas was unable to send email to this address" next to your email addresses in Canvas. You'll be on Canvas's suppression list (i.e., you'll receive no notifications) for two weeks from the initial bounce, unless you request to be removed from the list; to do so, contact your campus Support Center.

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