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CourseNetworking (https://www.thecn.com), also known as CN Post, is a social learning environment for students to exchange knowledge, resources, and ideas. With CN Post, students become members of a global academic network where they can connect with students and instructors in the same academic discipline from other institutions and countries in order to increase learning engagement and collaboration.

CN Post is integrated with Canvas at all Indiana University campuses, and can be used instead of or alongside the Canvas discussion forum. (For more, see Comparison between CN Post and the Canvas Discussions tool.)

In CN Post, students can:

  • Create posts relevant to course topics
  • Share files, images, videos, and links
  • Use hashtags to label discussion topics and search for posts
  • Comment and like peers' posts
  • Create polls to survey peers' opinions and review knowledge
  • Control who can view their content
  • Earn Anar (pomegranate) seeds as rewards while learning
  • View analytics for posting and engagement
  • Connect with Global Classmates and instructors from similar courses worldwide
  • Receive badges from course instructors
  • Build their lifelong CN ePortfolio

CN Post in Canvas courses

CourseNetworking (CN Post) is available in all Canvas sites. The tool is hidden by default, but you can add it to the course navigation menu; see How do I manage Course Navigation links?

When the first member of the Canvas course site clicks the CN Post navigation link, a corresponding CN course site is created. As each participant clicks the link for the first time, CN Post either creates a new account, using the information in Canvas, or automatically links to an existing CN account with the email address Canvas has on record. (If you've previously created a CN account with a different email account, you can choose to link to that CN account or create a new account with your IU email address.)

You can control who can see most information about you, or information you post, in CN Post. However, your full name is automatically entered when your account is created through Canvas, and is always visible to all CN members. Since anyone can create a CN account, this becomes essentially public information. For more, see Control what others see in CN Post.

CN Post is a simplified version of the CourseNetworking system, but the full version is also available in Canvas. For more, see Differences between CN Post and the full version of the CN.

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