Connect to a Microsoft Teams meeting from a videoconferencing room system

To connect directly to scheduled Microsoft Teams at IU meetings with IU videoconferencing room systems (Cisco or Polycom units), enter the prefix 27, followed by the Video Conference ID listed in the bottom of the Teams meeting invitation.

  • "Meet Now" (ad hoc) Microsoft Teams video calls do not include a Video Conference ID, so room systems cannot join these meetings. Only Microsoft Teams meetings that are scheduled using Outlook or the Microsoft Teams app itself will include the additional Video Conference ID.
  • The Video Conference ID for a Microsoft Teams meeting is different than its Conference ID.
  • Microsoft Teams meeting invitations created prior to July 11, 2021, do not contain the additional Video Conference ID. You'll need to recreate such invitations to include the Video Conference ID for room systems.
Teams meeting invitation highlighting Video Conference ID

Non-IU room systems can connect via the IU Microsoft Teams Gateway:

  1. Dial SIP: or H.323:
  2. Enter the Video Conference ID followed by # (pound sign).

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