Connect to a Microsoft Teams meeting from an IU videoconferencing room system


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To connect directly to scheduled Microsoft Teams at IU meetings with IU videoconferencing room systems (Cisco or Polycom units), enter the Video Conference ID listed in the Microsoft Teams meeting invitation.

  • All "Meet Now" (ad hoc) meetings include a Video Conference ID. To find the conference ID, start the meeting and select the ... (more) button along the top. Select Meeting Info for the full Meeting ID, Passcode, Videoconference ID, and meeting call-in information.
  • The Video Conference ID for a Microsoft Teams at IU meeting is different from its Phone Conference ID.
  • IU videoconferencing room systems cannot connect to another institution's Microsoft Teams meetings.
Teams meeting invitation highlighting Video Conference ID

Non-IU room systems can connect via the IU Microsoft Teams Gateway:

  1. Dial SIP:
  2. Enter the Video Conference ID followed by # (pound sign).

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