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When cross-listing courses using IU eTexts, all sections need to have identical eText orders. If the eText order for a selected section does not match the order for the primary section in Canvas, the selected section will not be cross-listed, and an error message will display.

Cross-listing Error

The following section(s) could not be cross-listed because their eText order(s) do not match the order for the primary section in this site.

Cross-list separate courses or sections

To cross-list the courses, you need to place an IU eTexts order for identical class materials for each class site you want to cross-list:

It may take up to three days following the order before Canvas will recognize that the order has been added and allow you to cross-list the sites.

Cross-list components of the same course

To cross-list components within the same course (for example, a lecture and discussion section or a lecture and a lab section) without students being charged twice for the same materials, send email to etexthlp@iu.edu, including a list that clearly designates which class number is to be the primary class and which class number(s) are to be cross-listed with it. The IU eTexts team will contact you once the cross-listings are complete.

If you have questions

If you have questions, email etexthlp@iu.edu from your IU email account.

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