Access NVDA on an STC public desktop with IUanyWare


The steps below explain how to access NVDA, the screen reader software, on an STC public desktop using IUanyWare.

  • NVDA does not currently support the use of Citrix Workspace for the remote streaming of apps. Although you can use JAWS with the remote access add-on to access JAWS on IUanyWare, it is not possible to do so with NVDA.
  • This guide is intended for departments to access NVDA from IUanyWare for accessibility testing purposes.
  • MacOS users:
    • There is a known issue with macOS not recognizing the Insert key, the default NVDA key. Using the Caps Lock key as an alternative also does not work. As a workaround, use the Insert key on the Windows on-screen keyboard when logged into the STC Public Desktop on IUanyWare.
    • For the best experience, it is recommended that you use a Windows computer for your testing when possible.
  • When referencing Windows or macOS in the instructions, it means the computer that you are running IUanyWare from for testing.
  • If you are using an STC Lab computer for testing, Citrix Workspace is already installed.
  • Do not use the light version (web client) of Citrix to access an IUanyware desktop with NVDA.

Before you begin

You will need to have the latest version of the Citrix Workspace app installed on your computer before using IUanyWare desktops. If Citrix Workspace isn't on your computer, follow the instructions to Install the Citrix Workspace app.

Access NVDA

  1. Log into IUanyWare.

    • If this is your first time accessing IUanyWare from this computer:
      1. Select the Detect Receiver link.
      2. Select the Open Citrix Workspace Launcher button. You may wish to check the box to always perform the launch receiver action.
    • If you have accessed IUanyWare before from this computer, proceed to the next step.
  2. Now you will be on the IUanyWare website. Select the Desktops tab, and then press the Tab key until you get to the list of desktops.
  3. Continue tabbing until you get to the linked image for STC Lab Desktop – Remote Lab (monitor icon above the text "STC Lab Desktop - Remote Lab"). Select this option.
  4. A prompt will appear regarding launching Citrix receiver. Use the Spacebar to select Open Citrix Workspace Launcher if it appears.
  5. A new window will open, called "STC Desktop – Remote Lab – Desktop viewer".
    • Windows: Press Ctrl-Alt-Break and then the down arrow to navigate to full screen mode. Press Enter to activate it.
      Some Dell laptops do not have a break key. Press Ctrl-Fn-Alt-B instead.
    • macOS: If you would like to have the desktop in full screen mode, from the Apple menu bar, select View, and then select Enter Full Screen Mode.
  6. If you are prompted for permission when the desktop launches and don't want to respond each time, you can set the file access setting for the desktop with Citrix Workspace:
    • Windows: Once the desktop is up and has keyboard focus, press Ctrl-Alt-Break to bring up the workspace menu, and then select Preferences. In the File Access tab, select any option except for "Ask each time". Select Apply and then OK.
    • macOS: Once the desktop is up, select the Zen Desktop toolbar, and then select Preferences. Select the File Access section, and then pick the option you want, except for "Ask each time". Close the preferences window.
  7. Launch NVDA:
    • Windows: Press Win-R and type NVDA. Press Enter.
      • You can temporarily enable Narrator (Win-Ctrl-Enter) if needed.
    • macOS: Select the Start button and type NVDA. Press Return.
  8. NVDA should open the startup wizard. You can choose to close out of it or make changes.
  9. After exiting the startup wizard, you will be able to access everything on the STC desktop.

End the IUanyWare session

  1. Quit NVDA:
    • Windows: Press Insert-q, and from the "Exit NVDA" window that appears, select OK to exit NVDA.
    • macOS: Select the NVDA icon from the system tray. From the menu that appears, select Exit. From the "Exit NVDA" window that appears, select OK, and press Return to exit NVDA.
  2. Select the Logoff shortcut on the desktop, and then press Enter (Windows) or Return (macOS).
  3. You will now be logged off and the "STC Desktop – Remote Lab – Desktop viewer" window will close.

If you experience issues using NVDA, contact your campus Support Center.

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