How do I set up and use IUanyWare?

Follow these instructions to access IUanyWare from various devices.

For help with IUanyWare, contact your campus Support Center, or search this Knowledge Base.

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Windows and Mac OS


  • You should be running Windows Vista or later, or Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
  • UITS recommends using Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac OS X) when installing the default Citrix Receiver. Once the installation is complete, use the browser of your choice.
  • The correct IUanyWare URL is https://iuanyware.iu.edu; to avoid misleading warning messages, always use the https:// prefix for a secure connection.

Following these instructions, IUanyWare will automatically download the latest supported Citrix Receiver. UITS does not support use of any other version.

  1. Go to https://iuanyware.iu.edu.

    Log in with your Network ID username and passphrase. The first time you visit the site, you'll see a box that reads "Click Install to access your applications."

  2. Make sure I agree with the Citrix license agreement is selected, if visible. Click Install.

    You will be redirected to https://receiver.citrix.com, which will determine your OS and provide you with a link to download and install.

  3. If a box reading "Confirm installation is complete" appears, click OK. If you see, "A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer" with the option Do not show me the warning for this program again, select it. Click Allow.
  4. If an instruction box appears in your browser, follow the instructions and then select Skip to log on. You'll be taken to the main menu of IUanyWare, where you will find folders containing your IUanyWare applications.

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Using IUanyWare

After installation, you can access IUanyWare either through your browser or through the Citrix Receiver:

  • Using a web browser

    Log into IUanyWare. Software applications will appear as icons inside folders organized by category; for instance, you will find Microsoft Word 2013 under Office Tools and then Microsoft Office 2013. Click an icon to run the virtualized application; when you've finished, close it normally.


    For some browser versions, you may wish to add https://iuanyware.iu.edu/ to your trusted sites list, to avoid having to approve each launch of an IUanyWare application. Check your browser help for instructions.

  • Using the Citrix Receiver in Windows

    On a Windows computer, the most direct way to access IUanyWare is via the Citrix Receiver. You can configure a custom menu of IUanyWare applications, available from your Windows Start screen/menu.


    Only IUanyWare applications moved to your custom menu will launch automatically when you select the appropriate icon. Files associated with locally installed applications will launch the local instance of that application.

    To set up your custom menu:

    1. From the Windows Start screen or Start menu, click the Citrix Receiver icon.
    2. You'll see a message reading "Enter your work email or server address:".
    3. Enter https://iu-cv-wib.uits.indiana.edu. Click Next.
    4. The Citrix Receiver custom menu will open. Click Log On.
    5. In the "Domain/User:" field, enter ADS\your-username. In the "Password:" field, enter your passphrase. If desired, check Remember my password.
    6. Click Log On.

    From the Citrix Receiver window, click the Add Apps icon to add apps. Select a folder to see its applications. Click an application to copy it to the menu.

  • Using the Citrix Receiver in Mac OS X
    1. Open the Citrix Receiver application.
    2. The application will ask for a work email or server address. Use https://iuanyware.iu.edu, as the work email option is not yet available.
    3. A setup box will pop up. Log in with ADS\your-username and your passphrase.
    4. You can now click the plus icon and add files to your receiver. Once an application is added to the Citrix Receiver you can launch it just like any other application installed on the device.

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iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


The Citrix Receiver for iOS does not currently recognize passphrases longer than 32 characters in length. Also, be sure your device is running iOS 4.2 or later.

To install and use the Citrix Receiver on your iOS device:

  1. Search the Apple App Store for "Citrix Receiver" to find the appropriate app, and install it as you would any other.
  2. Tap the Citrix Receiver app to launch it.
  3. Tap Add Account to open the "New Account" screen. On the bottom left, tap the icon next to "Options", and then tap Manual Setup.
  4. Next to "Address", enter https://iuanyware.iu.edu/.

    For some iOS devices, the address https://iu-cv-wib.uits.indiana.edu/ may work in place of the above address. If you have problems with either, contact your campus Support Center.

  5. Next to "Description", enter a custom service description (e.g., IUanyWare), or use the default.
  6. Select Access Gateway, and then select Enterprise Edition.
  7. Enter your Network ID credentials. For the domain, enter ads.
  8. Make sure "Security Token" is set to Off. Tap Save.
  9. Tap IUanyWare (or the description you entered above) to access the apps available to your account.

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Android devices

  • These instructions pertain to the latest version of the Citrix Receiver (version 3.6.3). Depending on which version of Android your device is running, you may not be prompted for all parameters. For best results, perform a manual setup.
  • If the Citrix Receiver is already installed on your device, you may have trouble connecting after the app upgrades to a newer version. UITS recommends opening the app and deleting your existing account; typically you'll have a delete option after long-pressing the account name. Then continue with these instructions.

To install and use the Citrix Receiver on your Android device:

  1. Search the app store on your device (usually Google Play) for "Citrix Receiver" to find the appropriate app, and install it as you would any other. Tap the Citrix Receiver app to launch it.
  2. On the "Welcome" screen, tap Add Account.
  3. For "Address", enter https://storefront.iuanyware.iu.edu.

    If prompted, accept the server certificate.

  4. Enter your IU username and passphrase.
  5. In the "Domain" field, enter ads.iu.edu.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Click the new site. Enter your passphrase, and click Log On.

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BlackBerry devices


For smartphones, be sure your device is running BlackBerry OS 4.6 or later. For the PlayBook, be sure it is running PlayBook OS 1.0.7 or later.

To install and use the Citrix Receiver on your BlackBerry device:

  1. Search the BlackBerry App World store for "Citrix Receiver" to find the appropriate app, and install it as you would any other.
  2. Tap the Citrix app to launch it.
  3. On a BlackBerry PlayBook, tap Settings > Add Account. On a BlackBerry smartphone, select Log On.
  4. For the domain, enter ads. For the server address, enter https://iuanyware.iu.edu. Enter a description, such as IUanyWare, or use the default. Enter your Network ID username and passphrase.

    On a BlackBerry smartphone:

    • Check Use Citrix Access Gateway.
    • For "Gateway Type", select Enterprise Edition.
    • For "Gateway Authentication", select Domain Only.

    On a BlackBerry PlayBook, for "Options", select Domain Only.

  5. Save the configuration.
  6. On a PlayBook, tap Log On. On a BlackBerry smartphone, tap Add. Tap the description you entered above to access the apps available to your account.
  7. If your BlackBerry asks you to allow certain features before granting access, select Allow.

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Surface tablets, Windows RT, Windows Phone

These instructions are written for the Microsoft Surface/Surface 2 tablet; they also apply to any ARM-based tablet, smartphone, or PC running Windows RT or Windows Phone. See "Versions and upgrades" in About Windows 8.x at IU: System requirements, availability, versions.


While this Citrix Receiver will run under Windows 8.x, it is not as full-featured as the Citrix Receiver currently supported for traditional Windows clients; see How do I set up and use IUanyWare?

To install the Citrix Receiver on your Surface/other Windows RT device/Windows Phone:

  1. Search the Windows Store for "Citrix Receiver", and install as you would any other app. From the Start screen, tap Citrix Receiver.
  2. When prompted to "Enter your work e-mail or server address:", enter https://iuanyware.iu.edu and tap Next.
  3. When prompted, enter your Network ID username and passphrase, and then tap Log on.
  4. On the right side of the screen, for "Domain\User:", type ads\ followed by your IU username. For "Password:", type your Network ID passphrase. You may check the Remember my password box, if you'd like. Then tap Log On.
  5. You will be prompted to add your favorite apps. Tap + Apps in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  6. A new screen will appear with all the IUanyWare applications available to you. One at a time, select the apps you expect to use frequently. These apps will appear on the main screen of your Citrix Receiver each time you log on to IUanyWare.
  7. When you are done, tap the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen to return to your default "My Apps" screen. To launch an application, tap it.
  8. To remove an app from this screen, flick the upper corner of the app icon (or right-click if using a mouse); a checkmark will appear in the corner. Tap - Remove in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  9. To add additional apps, swipe the screen background from the top or bottom edge towards the center (or right-click the background if using a mouse), select + Apps in the bottom right corner, and then repeat the steps above.

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Google Chromebook

The Google Chromebook resembles a netbook, but uses Google's Chrome OS rather than Windows. Chrome OS is built around the Chrome browser.


The Citrix Receiver for the Chromebook is an early version which is not currently compatible with IUanyWare. No estimate is currently available for when the Citrix Receiver for Chromebook and IUanyWare will be compatible.

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