Use Google Takeout to move Google at IU data to a personal Google account

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Google Takeout gives IU students the ability to copy content from Google at IU to another Google account. You can directly download content, or copy it via the Google Takeout transfer service.


It is against IU policy to transfer institutional data from Google at IU to a personal Google account. To gain access to Google Takeout, you must attest to transferring only personal data to a personal Google account. See Determine whether your files are individual (personal) or institutional.

  • Google Takeout does not delete your data; you must do so after a transfer or download. In order to reduce your storage quota in your Google at IU My Drive, you must also empty your trash to complete the process.
  • This method will not migrate any sharing information for your files or folders. After your migration is complete, you'll need to reshare files or folders with any users (internal or external to IU) that were shared in Google.

    UITS strongly recommends that you download your data before starting your migration. Learn more at Google at IU "My Drive" Shared Files Report.

  • You are the owner of all copied files that move to your personal account.
  • Comments are copied, but version history is not.
  • Google Takeout does not work with Google Shared Drives.

Transfer Google at IU My Drive files to a personal Google account

Once you have access to Google Takeout in your Google at IU account, to transfer all of your Google My Drive files to a personal Google account:

  1. In Google Takeout, select Transfer your content.
  2. Sign in with your Google at IU account ( .
  3. Under "Enter a destination account", enter the email address associated with your separate Google account. Click SEND CODE. A code will be sent to the address you entered.
  4. To retrieve the code, log into your separate account, open the message with the subject line "Verify your account", and click Get confirmation code. In the new tab that opens, copy your code and click CONTINUE.
  5. Under "Verify your destination account", paste or enter the code from the previous step. Click VERIFY.
  6. Under "Select content to copy and transfer", select to transfer your Google My Drive files.
    You'll see email as an option also, even though you have no Google email to move.
  7. When you're ready to begin the transfer, click START TRANSFER. When the transfer is complete, you should receive email notification at the address you listed in step 3.
  • Your Google at IU My Drive content will be migrated to your personal My Drive via a folder labeled with your Google at IU account name and the date you started the transfer.
  • The more data you have in your Google at IU My Drive, the longer the migration will take. This could range from an hour to weeks.
  • When the migration is complete, you'll receive a confirmation email at your personal Gmail account.

Download all Google at IU account data

Google Takeout also gives you the ability to download all data associated with your Google at IU account. Follow the instructions in How to download your Google data to manage the full download of your Google at IU data.

Transfer Google Photos

Rather than using Takeout to transfer photos, UITS strongly recommends the instructions in Move photos out of your Google at IU account.

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