About restricted KB content

Although most content in the Indiana University Knowledge Base is visible to anyone with a web browser, some is available only to the IU community; be sure to log into the Knowledge Base to see everything available to you.

Access to some additional content is restricted to various IU-internal audiences. The Knowledge Management System (KMS) administrators use ADS security groups to control access to the content in these internal audiences. To find or view content that is restricted to a particular audience, you must be both:

Generally, those who are permitted to access restricted content are added by their supervisors to the proper security group(s) when they begin employment.

If you cannot find or view internal content that you believe you should be able to access, make sure you're logged into the KB. If you're logged in and the problem persists, ask your supervisor to check whether you are a member of the proper ADS security group(s).

If your team cannot find or view internal content it should be permitted to access, the supervisor should email the Knowledge Management team at kb@iu.edu for assistance.

KMS audiences are hierarchal; consequently, those who can access content restricted to a high-level audience can, by default, access content restricted to lower-level audiences.

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