If you get a "Client's entry in database has expired..." or "Account Disabled" error message when logging into your IU email account

When you log into your Indiana University email account, you may receive either of the following error messages:

Client's entry in database has expired while getting initial credentials

Account Disabled: see account administrator

These errors indicate that your accounts have been disabled. University regulations require that access to UITS computing resources be limited to current students, faculty, and staff.

The Office of the Registrar updates the status of unregistered students three times a year (February, July, and October); when this happens, AMS automatically sets disable dates on accounts of students who are not registered for classes. Tier 2 Accounts Administration disables accounts of staff and faculty members upon resignation or termination. If you fall into any of these categories but still have a valid need for UITS resources, UITS will work with you to keep your current access from being interrupted.

For students, data regarding status at IU comes from the Office of the Registrar. For faculty and staff, the data comes from the human resources office.

If you are not presently registered as a student but are still completing course work, ask a faculty member or advisor to sponsor you as an Affiliate.

If you think the information about your university status may be incorrect, contact Tier 2.

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