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Use of Indiana University technology resources (such as computers, networks, phones) is restricted to purposes related to the university's mission of education, research, and public service. Access to IU computing resources is granted to all admitted IU students and current or retired university faculty and staff, in support of their studies, instruction, duties as employees, official business with the university, and other university-sanctioned activities. Under certain circumstances, guests and affiliates of IU are also eligible.

The information in this document is intended for students who are stopping or ending their enrollment at IU.

Your student accounts when you are no longer enrolled at IU

As an IU student, your access to IU computing resources remains active as long as you are enrolled at any IU campus.

After you have not enrolled in any courses through the IU registrar for two consecutive terms (fall, spring, and summer are each considered one term), your IU computing accounts will become inactive. (However, you may lose access to some software sooner; see below.)

When your computing accounts become inactive:

  • You will immediately lose access to some IU resources (such as the IU wireless network, VPN, STC computers, Wells Library systems and databases, and possibly other services).
  • You will receive email notification that you have a seven-day window before your IU computing accounts (including your email account and IU email address) are disabled.
  • When your accounts are disabled, you will be unable to access them, although UITS will temporarily retain their associated files, including email messages. (You will retain access to some services, such as your bursar bill, unofficial transcripts, and financial aid; see Access former student bills, transcripts, and other university information.)

    Student, faculty, and staff accounts that have been disabled but not yet deleted may be eligible for temporary re-enabling within the first 30 days to allow account owners to retrieve needed personal files or make final changes to their accounts. Account owners will be granted temporary access only once.

  • After approximately five years without further enrollment, your ADS Domain account will be deleted.

For specific information regarding access to various IU accounts after leaving IU, see IU account access chart for non-enrolled students.

Access and retain your data

You will still be able to access your bills, transcripts, and other university information.

Before your accounts become inactive, copy personal files and email messages you want to keep to another location, and transfer any shared files to those who need them.

Consult the following for specific services:

Use of university-distributed software

When you are no longer currently enrolled, you won't be able to download university-distributed software previously available to you, but you'll retain access to most software already on your computer.

  • If you have Microsoft 365 installed on your computer, you will lose access to it when your account is disabled after two consecutive semesters of non-enrollment; see Your Microsoft 365 account when you leave IU.
  • Under IU's contract with Adobe, Creative Cloud eligibility is limited to currently enrolled students, current faculty, current staff, and certain affiliates.

    To continue using Adobe products that require a license after you leave IU, you must purchase your own retail license. You will receive an academic discount if you purchase your license before leaving the university.

For more, refer to the account and service access chart.

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