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As an Indiana University employee, your computing accounts remain active as long as you remain employed at any IU campus. When your employment at IU ends, UITS will disable access to IT resources, although you will retain limited access to One.IU.

If you also have former student or alumni status at IU, you may retain limited access to some student resources.

Be sure to back up all valuable data before your accounts expire. While your accounts are still active, you may want to collect your data from a variety of sources, such as:

Eligibility for access to IT resources is based on status information provided by university offices such as the Office of the Registrar and the Human Resources Management System (HRMS); see Eligibility to Use Information Technology Resources (IT-03) .

Student, faculty, and staff accounts that have been disabled but not yet deleted may be eligible for temporary re-enabling within the first 30 days to allow account owners to retrieve needed personal files or make final changes to their accounts. Account owners will be granted temporary access only once.

If you have questions or need help preserving your data, contact your campus Support Center.

If you are called to active military service

If you are unexpectedly called to active military service, you may be eligible for a military leave of absence, in which case you can retain your active Indiana University computing accounts.

For help requesting a military leave of absence, contact your campus Veteran Support Services or Office of the Registrar:

For more about military leave at IU Bloomington, see the Office of the Registrar's Reserves Called to Active Duty Policy.

If you return

If you return to active status with IU after your accounts have been disabled, your username and most of your accounts will be re-enabled upon your return. However, some data may have been purged while you were away (and, of course, any systems retired in your absence will be unavailable). If you have moved to a new position, but your accounts are disabled, contact the person who processes your employment records. If you are an academic appointee, you can also contact your campus Academic Affairs Office.

Archival and recovery of Exchange Online data

For assistance with accessing Exchange Online email messages and transferring them to another email mailbox, see Keep your Exchange account email messages and calendar appointments when leaving IU. Archival and recovery of Exchange data must be done within 30 days of an account becoming ineligible for Microsoft 365 licensing or the data will be permanently lost.

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