Reserve an STC for a class

On many Indiana University campuses, instructors or staff members can reserve a Student Technology Center (STC) or a computer classroom for instructional sessions through the campus Office of the Registrar. UITS consultants will not be present during your reserved time. See the following details for each campus:

  • IU Bloomington:
  • IU Indianapolis: See STC locations at IU Indianapolis; only STC locations designated as "Classroom" labs may be reserved.
  • IU East: Any of the computer labs may be reserved through the registrar's office, except for the Information Commons (HY 115).
  • IU Kokomo: Reserve computer classrooms through the registrar. ILC 1 and ILC 2 are scheduled through the library.
  • IU Northwest: Reserve computer classrooms (HH 333, HH 428, HH 545, RH 202, RH 211, RH 212) through the registrar. The STC locations in the library and Marram 103 are not available for reservations.
  • IU South Bend: The registrar schedules classes; for special sessions in the STCs, submit a request to or call 574-520-5555.
  • IU Southeast: STC locations are not reservable; contact the registrar to reserve computer classrooms.

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