About requesting software for IUanyWare and the STCs

To request software for IUanyWare or the STCs, use the Software Request Form:

Note: Required fields are highlighted with a red asterisk.

  • Title & Version: If the system recognizes the title you enter, the application and version appear in the drop-down menu with the "Publisher" field completed. If the title and version are not recognized, fill in the correct publisher.
  • Requester: Your contact information appears automatically. If you are not the primary contact for this software, use the plus sign ( + ) in blue to add the appropriate contact(s). This is useful if your department has an IT Pro who works with UITS, or if your department maintains a group account for your technical staff.
  • Needed By: The earliest date you can select is based on a minimum 30-day lead time. If you need the application in less than 30 days, include that information in the "Comments" field.
  • Available Via: Until the previous field ("Available For") is completed, these options are grayed out.
    • IUanyWare: Requested software will be available online to all IU students, faculty, and staff at all times, from any location (restrictions may apply).
    • STC Workstation: Typically, this option is available for all Windows and Mac software.
    • SCCM: Only appropriate for SCCM partners who wish to make departmentally-sponsored Windows software available to departmentally owned workstations under SCCM management.
    • Casper: Only appropriate for partners who wish to use Casper to manage their internal Mac workstations.

    When you select any of the above options, you will be presented with a form to specify any restrictions which can optionally be applied to the deployment in that environment (e.g., ADS group, user, campus, site location, seat).

  • Media and Licensing: Describe how you intend to get the media to the engineering team. Selecting Yes will direct you to a Comments page where you can upload the media required to deploy your software (preferred method). Alternatively, insert a comment providing engineers with instructions for acquiring the software (e.g., a URL to the source of the software media, instructions for getting the media from Slashtmp) and any further licensing instructions.

    Note: Your request will be held until engineers have access to the media.

  • To change your request after submitting it, click Update.
  • Anyone, including students, can view and monitor any software requests and their status (APPROVED, LICENSED, PACKAGED, DEPLOYED). Additionally, faculty, staff, and student employees can submit requests and communicate with the engineers processing the requests.

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Last modified on 2014-12-01.

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