About requesting software for the STCs or IUanyWare

To request software for IUanyWare or the STCs, use the Software Request Form. For more about requesting instructional software for deployment in the STCs, see What is an STC Software Sponsorship Agreement?


To ensure timely deployment, submit software requests by the following deadlines:

  • April 15 for the upcoming fall semester: The volume of software requests for new titles or versions which must be deployed during the summer is very high. Expect 90 to 120-days lead times for delivery of your application.
  • October 15 for the upcoming spring semester: Pertains to titles not requested for fall, but which are needed for spring.
  • February 15 for the upcoming summer semester: For titles not previously requested, but required for instruction during the summer.

Requests submitted after these deadlines will be processed in the order they were received, and unfortunately, timely deployment cannot be guaranteed after these dates. Also, requests submitted after the beginning the semester in which they are needed will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Expect at least 30-days lead time for delivery of application requests received after the semester begins.

Required fields are highlighted with a red asterisk.

  • Title & Version: If the system recognizes the title you enter, the application and version appear in the drop-down menu with the "Publisher" field completed.

    Be as accurate as possible (e.g., "Latest" is not an acceptable version). If you are uncertain, use the latest version number you know.

  • Publisher: If this field does not auto-populate, enter the name of the publisher. A URL alone is insufficient.
  • Requester: Your contact information appears automatically. If you are not the primary contact for this software, use the plus sign ( + ) in blue to add the appropriate contact(s). This is useful if your department has an IT Pro who works with UITS, or if your department maintains a group account for your technical staff.
  • Needed By: The default is 90 days from the current date, as the assumed date of first use. If you do not need the title until a later date, note that. You can adjust the date forward up to 30 days in the future, but late requests cannot be assured a short lead time.
  • Available for: Complete the appropriate checkbox for the platform on which your application runs.

    For the Student Technology Centers, check Windows, Mac, or both. For information regarding the Cloud option, contact UITS Leveraged Services.

  • Available Via: Until the previous field ("Available For") is completed, these options are grayed out:
    • If you checked Windows above, check IUanyWare to request that your windows application be available online to all IU students, faculty, and staff, from any location (restrictions may apply).
      Since this is not an STC-provided service, the IUanyWare group may require additional information.
    • Select STC - Windows for deployment in the Windows STCs. If you checked Mac above, select STC - Mac to have your application deployed in the Macintosh STCs. You can also select both. If you selected Cloud above, also select IUanyWare.
    • For information regarding other options, contact UITS Leveraged Services:
      • SCCM: Only appropriate for SCCM partners who wish to make departmentally-sponsored Windows software available to departmentally owned workstations under SCCM management.
      • Casper: Only appropriate for partners who wish to use Casper to manage their internal Mac workstations.
      • Canvas: Future service.

    When you select any of the above options, you will be presented with the opportunity to specify any restrictions which can optionally be applied to the deployment in that environment (e.g., ADS group, user, campus, site location, seat).

  • Add a comment: Use this space to include any other pertinent information about your request. When requesting software with limited access or licensing, include the campus, building(s), and room(s) where the software is to be deployed.

When you select Submit, you will be asked if you have licensing and media available.

  • If you answer No, your request will go into STC Development for a preliminary review, but will be considered incomplete until this information is provided. An incomplete request may not act as a placeholder while waiting for media or licensing. If your department is not the sponsor and owner of the appropriate licenses, indicate (under "Add a comment") the identity of the group sponsoring the requested application software.
  • If you answer Yes, you will be presented a comments field for adding licensing information or a URL to a direct link to the media you wish to have deployed. You will also have an option to attach a file, allowing you to upload your application installation files directly, reducing delays.


Once your software request has been packaged, prior to its deployment to production you, as the requester, will be asked to test and certify that the application is working properly. You will be directed to the nearest certification workstation for your convenience. Upon completion of your testing and certification, you can return to your original request and indicate that certification is complete, which will allow the application deployment to proceed.

Approval from the requestor that the software works is required for the application to be deployed to production.

For additional information about the Software Requests form, contact STC HELP.

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