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Formerly known as the IT Pro/LSP database, IT People is the new, comprehensive directory of personnel working in Information Technology at Indiana University. Whether you work within a department, school, administrative unit, or UITS, IT People is an inclusive and comprehensive record of who is doing IT at IU, what they are doing, and where.

IT People includes those classed as IT Pros through Human Resources, and also faculty members and graduate students managing IT systems, processes, data, or assets. IT People lists the IT units in which they work, and the departments and buildings they or their units support.

Built on the IU Web Framework using Rivet, IT People is tied to Human Resources Management System data through IMS. Once in IT People, IT Pros are added or removed based on current HR data, with updates running hourly during normal business hours.

While an initial population of IT Pros and IT units in which they serve is in place, IT unit leaders now need to update their respective unit pages by adding staff, the tools they can access, and departments and buildings served.

IT leadership and those to whom leaders assign administrative access for their respective unit(s) can add users and their tools permissions, as well as add member categories, notes, and controls. Individuals can edit their profiles (all editable fields within member profiles are editable by leadership as well).

Assign an individual's permissions for various tools

Tool assignment requires compliance with the FERPA tutorial and the Acceptable Use Agreement. Verify that users are compliant in Access Control Management (ACM) before assigning tools (compliance status may take up to 48 hours to update after completing the required tutorials). Tool access for users who are not compliant is removed by an automated process that runs every evening. If a user loses tool access because of a lapse in compliance, all tools must be reassigned after the user is back in compliance and appears compliant in ACM.

To edit your unit information, select the pencil icon Pencil icon leader clicks to edit unit near the top of the unit page, below the search box. Then, to add or modify permissions for individuals, select the gear icon next to the appropriate name and set access for these ten tools:

Legacy IT Pro Database tool name
IT People tool name Description URL
LSP Online IT Pro Information Website for IT Pros https://itcp.uits.iu.edu/it-pros/index.html
MAS MAS tools
Access to MAS tools for DNS and DHCP registration inquiries and mass-DHCP registration
LSP Mailings IT Pro Mail
All IT-related mailing targeted to IT Pros; this tool also grants access to content internal to IT Pros in this Knowledge Base.
IUware Online for LSPs IUware Access to non-public software https://iuware.iu.edu/WindowsLsp
Product Keys Product Keys
License keys for university-licensed software
Account MGMT Account Management
CCI Tools, including searches by username, last name, and phone number
AMS Admin AMS Admin
Collection of tools including user search (view accounts), unlock passphrase (self-service), Superpass, and guest account search
UISO Unblocker View UISO Unblocker
View all blocked machines and ability to unblock
Superpass Superpass
Change passphrase of users in supported departments (see AMS Admin)
Early Notification List IT Pro Early Notification List
UITS Support Center and other UITS service providers give early warnings

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