About the IU IT Pro Database

At Indiana University, the IT Pro Database is an SQL database containing information about campus IT Professionals and the departments they serve. IT Pros fill out a series of web forms to enter information about their departments. UITS uses the information to allocate limited resources to departments. IT Pros, their managers, and fiscal approvers can log into the database for more information about their roles.

Registration in the database provides IT Pros with automated access to multiple tools. Some of these tools programmatically query the database for certain data that help deliver notifications or properly scope access. For example, the Networks team can query the database for locations to find the contact information (including the LSP Administrator and group) for the IT Pros associated with those location, and then use those contacts to communicate about scheduling maintenance. The Superpass tool limits an IT Pro's passphrase reset access to the department listed in that IT Pro's registration data.

Registration also lets IT Pros access Pages for IT Professionals to view previous InfoShares, TechTalks, and IT Pro mailings, and participate in forums about IT topics. Registered IT Pros also receive IT Pro mailings about essential, time-sensitive technical information, actionable items, and security concerns; see Information sources recommended for IT Pros at IU.

IT Pros who are not yet registered in the database should contact their supervisors. If you need access to information recorded in the database, contact IT Community Partnerships at talk2uits@iu.edu.

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