Send email to all IUN faculty, staff, or students

Indiana University Northwest maintains several IU List mailing lists to communicate with faculty, staff, and students at IUN:

  • All professional staff:
  • All biweekly staff:
  • All full-time faculty:
  • All part-time faculty:
  • All IUN students:

The department of Human Resources/Payroll moderates the email distribution lists used to contact staff, and the Office of Academic Affairs moderates faculty contact lists. The Student Services Administration moderates the list to contact IUN students.

You can send mail to a list only if your address is on the list. If you're having trouble mailing to a list, make sure you're sending the message from your primary IU email address.

These lists are not for commercial use, nor are they platforms for political viewpoints. They are for timely dissemination of information relevant to faculty and staff at IUN.

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