Your internet connection when you leave IU campus housing

If you are leaving campus housing at Indiana University, either for the summer or permanently:

  • If you used a network cable provided by UITS (IU Bloomington only)

    Leave the cable attached to the data jack; it connects your computer to the campus network via the data jack, and will work only with the IU network. This type of cable resembles a telephone cord with larger connectors at each end. The yellow, blue, or gray cable is marked at one end with a wall tag. You do not need to remove the cable; simply wipe any dust off the cable, loop it, and tie it with a rubber band or twist tie.

  • If you provided your own network cable

    If you're in campus housing at IUPUI, or in one of these facilities at IU Bloomington (where cables are provided by residents), you can of course take the cable with you:

    • Briscoe
    • Campus View (if the cable was plugged into a 103H access point)
    • Collins
    • Read Beck and Read Clark
    • Union Street Center
    • Tulip Tree
    • 3rd and Union Apartments
    • Spruce
    • Wells Quadrangle
    Do not plug the other end of the network cable into the phone jack; this will damage the phone jack.

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