What students need to know about accounts, data, and software before leaving IU

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About your accounts

Your university accounts will be disabled after two consecutive terms during which you aren't enrolled, and are eventually deleted.

For specifics about email, see:

For more about access to accounts and services over time, see IU account access chart for non-enrolled students.

Check your print allotment. If you need print credit for lost or damaged output, request it before the end of the semester to avoid erroneous bursar billing.

Access and retain your data

You will still be able to access your bills, transcripts, and other university information.

You'll likely want to be sure to retain your data from accounts where you have information saved:

Use of university-distributed software

When you are no longer currently enrolled, you won't be able to download university-distributed software previously available to you, but you'll retain access to software already on your computer.

  • If you have Office 2016 installed on your computer, you will lose access to it when your Office 365 account is disabled after two consecutive semesters of non-enrollment; see Your Office 365 account when you leave IU.
  • With the exception of software obtained through Adobe Creative Cloud, you must uninstall all Adobe software you obtained at no cost when you leave IU. You must also destroy any physical media. If you wish to continue using Adobe products, UITS encourages you to purchase your own retail licenses before leaving the university so as to benefit from the academic discount.

For more, refer to the account and service access chart.

Alumni benefits

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