About IUIE training

Specific application areas, such as Office of the University Controller, SIS, and HRMS, offer specific data training within the IUIE environment. Contact your application area for more information.

If you need only a basic overview of the IUIE, see the IUIE online tutorial.

For the most comprehensive instructions on the use of the IUIE, consult the IUIE Training Manual PDF, located on the IUIE icon menu and on the tutorial home page. You can also find it in the IUIE Master Catalog, inside the IUIE folder. The IUIE Training Manual consists of four main sections:

  • Logging into the IUIE, personalizing the IUIE, searching, and getting help
  • Using the Master Catalog and understanding the different report object types
  • Using My Catalog and extracting data
  • Using Manage Mode to organize My Catalog

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