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The IUIE database (DSS1PRD) is locked at 10pm daily to allow overnight batch scripts to run. The database is copied, and the copy made available overnight. (To request access to this overnight copy, fill out the EDSD Support Form .) New data is again available for reporting the next morning.

For current EDSS data refresh information, first check IUIE News. Since not all data is refreshed nightly, also check the refresh date on the top right of the report object form for refresh frequency. EDSS data is updated daily except Sunday morning.

Hours of availability and support

The IUIE is available during the following hours:

Daytime online hours (IUIE fully available)*
Overnight online hours (IUIE fully available)**
IUIE support available
Monday-Thursday 5am-10pm 11pm-5am (the next day) 8am-5pm
Friday 5am-10pm 11pm-8am (Saturday) 8am-5pm
Saturday 7am-10pm 11pm-10am (Sunday) N/A
Sunday 10am-10pm 11pm-5am (Monday) N/A

*You can access frozen and indexed reports outside online hours.

**During overnight hours, data available will be from the previous day using a copy of the database, named DSS2PRD. To request access to this overnight copy, fill out the EDSD Support Form .

The time of your initial login determines your access to report objects in the IUIE. This initial determination remains in effect for the duration of your IUIE session. Before online hours, the database is locked for updates, and you cannot access any report objects. Therefore, if you log in before online hours, you will still be unable to access report objects and the database when online hours begin. The error message you receive may indicate that DSS1PRD is inaccessible or that the system could not log you into the database.

To restore access, exit the IUIE using the Logout icon (to clear the cache) and log back in during online hours. If you continue to receive an error, use the Feedback button to report the error to the IUIE Help Desk. IUIE administrators will restore your access.

When you access certain report objects (for example, data extracts) outside the online hours, a message will display in the "Report Object" frame notifying you that data may not be available. If you are able to retrieve data from such report objects, pay attention to the refresh date of the report object in order to determine the age of the data against which you are reporting.

Frozen files

For frozen files (which are always available), the date in the filename indicates the age of the data contained in the report object.

Scheduled jobs

IUIE scheduled jobs will be released at 5am Monday-Friday and 10:30am Saturday and Sunday.

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