Request access to a specific report in the IUIE

If you have an IUIE account, you can access report objects classified as university-internal. Report objects containing restricted data will appear grayed out, but a Data Manager can authorize access to these report objects. To request access:

  1. Select the grayed-out title of the report you need to access.
  2. Complete all fields on the resulting request form. Remember to justify the business need for the report.

    The IUIE will assume campus-level access, unless you select System Wide Access.

  3. Select Request Access.

The request will be forwarded to the appropriate Data Managers. If permission is granted, you will receive email confirming your access authorization.

If the report object to which you're requesting access does not have a request form on it, use the feedback form in the upper right corner of the IUIE to send a request to the IUIE Help Desk, explaining what report you are trying to access.

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