When you can access IUIE reports after your data access is confirmed

As a newly registered user, you should be able to access university internal data immediately after confirmation of your successful IUIE account registration. In addition, if a Data Manager has approved your access to additional restricted data, you will have access to this data immediately upon receipt of the access confirmation (sent as an email message).

Note two exceptions:

  • Row-level SIS data: This access, after approval from the appropriate Data Manager, requires a processing script to run before it takes effect. This script runs three times a day, Monday through Saturday, at 6am, noon, and 6pm. This process takes anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes; therefore, even if a Data Manager approves row-level SIS access for you at 9am, the data will not be accessible until around 12:30pm later that day.
  • Restricted financial reports: A small number of restricted financial reports require an overnight process to confirm the account. Access to these reports should be available the next business day. Unrestricted financial reports are available immediately upon approval.

If you experience any problems, contact the IUIE Help Desk by using the Feedback button.

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