ARCHIVED: At IUB and IUPUI, using my office telephone, how do I redial the last number I called?

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The following applies only to traditional phones. If your traditional phone has been replaced by the UniCom service (using Skype for Business and/or a USB or IP phone), see UniCom (unified communications).

In most cases, your telephone's Redial button will automatically dial the last number you dialed. In some cases, your Redial button offers additional or different functionality.

Note: When activating the redial function on an international number, you will need to redial your Authorization Code when you hear the "stutter" dial tone. The code is not stored in the number sequence.

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Most telephone models

Your phone will store the last number you called in its Redial memory, where it will remain until you dial another number.

Note: This functionality may not be available on all telephone models.

To dial the same number again:

  1. Lift the handset or press your telephone's Handsfree button.
  2. Listen for the dial tone, and press Redial.

Caller ID telephones

On these phones, to see a list of the last five numbers you called, press the Redial key without lifting the handset. To automatically dial the last number you called, lift the handset and then press Redial.

To make a call from the Redial List:

  1. Press Redial. The display shows the last number you dialed.
  2. Find the number you wish to call by pressing the down or up arrow.
  3. When the number is displayed, lift the handset (for a regular call), or press Handsfree/Mute or Dial (for a hands-free call).

There may be times when you don't want a personal number (e.g., a credit card number) you've dialed to appear on the redial list. To delete the entire redial list, press the Redial key, and then the Delete key twice.

Meridian business sets

To redial the last number you called, press ## . This feature is only available for M5112, M5312, and M5316 business sets.

Panasonic Model KX-T2355 Easa

If the line you're dialing is busy, press the Redial button to redial once. When using the hands-free (automatic redialing) feature, press the Redial button to redial up to fifteen times within a ten-minute period. To cancel automatic redialing, press the Flash button.

ATT 925 Speakerphone

Note: On this phone, the last number redial memory can store a telephone number up to 24 digits in length.

To make a call using the Redial button, follow the instructions for Most telephone models.

To erase redial memory:

  1. Lift the handset or press Speaker, and then press Program.
  2. Press Redial, and then press Program.


When you hang up, the phone will store the last number dialed (up to 48 digits long) in redial memory.

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