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Two web hosting services exist at Indiana University:

Individual web pages: Pages is for an individual's professional, research, instructional, or academic web content. The URL is pages.iu.edu. You should not use Pages to share hobbies, family information, and favorite entertainment links or other purely personal content. Accounts on Pages are assigned to an individual user account and intended to be maintained by that single user.

University websites: Sitehost is for official IU business related to your organizational unit, research, instructional, academic, approved professional organization, or registered student group. Sitehost hosts the university gateway and regional campus websites as well as thousands of other websites related to official IU business. Accounts on Sitehost have access to subservices and utilities not available through Pages. Sitehost is the central service for University web pages. Accounts on Sitehost are assigned to a group account and intended to be maintained by multiple users.

For more, see Differences between Sitehost and Pages.

General information

Pages (individual web pages)

Sitehost (university web pages)

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