Install Zoom on a desktop or mobile device

After creating your Zoom account, you have these options for connecting to Zoom:

  • Zoom client for meetings (recommended): To download the Zoom client for your Windows, macOS, or Linux computer, visit IUware. From the left, select Multimedia, and then click Zoom Video Conferencing.
  • Zoom mobile app: You can download the Zoom mobile app for your iOS or Android device from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Zoom Launcher plug-in: To connect to a Zoom meeting from Chrome, Firefox, or Safari without downloading the Zoom client, see Zoom Launcher Plugin. The Zoom Launcher plug-in will install the Zoom client on first use.
    The Skype for Business and Outlook plug-ins require the Zoom client.
  • Skype for Business plug-in: Launch Zoom meetings from your Skype for Business contact list (as a host only). Keep in mind that participants dialing into your Zoom meeting from Skype for Business will not have access to advanced sharing features (for example, whiteboard, PowerPoint sharing, chat, and voting). Participants needing access to advanced features should use the Zoom client. For more, see Skype for Business/Lync Integration (for participants) and Zoom Lync Plugin (for hosts).
  • Outlook plug-in: Schedule and start Zoom meetings directly from Outlook. Download the Outlook plug-in from the Zoom Download Center. For more, see How to use the Microsoft Outlook Plugin.

    Be aware that calendar sharing in Zoom won't have the same permissions as in Outlook; you'll likely want to test editing and revising meetings using the plug-in.

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