About Zoom at IU

Zoom is a web collaboration tool available to all Indiana University students, faculty, and staff. Zoom provides high-quality audio and video, breakout rooms, whiteboarding tools, the ability to easily add content to meetings "on the fly", and the option to download meeting recordings as MP4 files. Standard Zoom meetings support up to 300 simultaneous participants. Licenses for large meetings (up to 500 participants) and webinars (500 or more participants) are available to faculty and staff by email request from UITS Videoconferencing Support.

Zoom integrates into Canvas as an external tool, and has apps for all platforms, including fully featured iOS and Android apps. Zoom's high-quality video and recording features also allow for recording simple videos with a webcam.

  • You shouldn't record meetings that may involve critical data or FERPA protected information (for example, advising sessions or individual discussions with students regarding their education records, including grades). Meetings involving FERPA-protected student information and Protected Health Information (PHI) should not be stored on the Zoom cloud service or on Kaltura. If you have a requirement to record a meeting that will involve FERPA or critical institutional information, consult with the appropriate Data Steward on storage and retention requirements.
  • If you plan to use Zoom to host meetings that involve any type HIPAA-regulated personal health information (PHI), whether or not the meetings are recorded, you must use a Zoom Health account.

Anyone who has the meeting URL can attend a Zoom meeting even if they aren't affiliated with IU; however, only those in the IU community can create Zoom accounts and schedule meetings. Non-IU attendees count toward the 300-person maximum capacity.

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