About closed captioning in Zoom

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Caption recorded Zoom meetings with Kaltura

To caption Zoom meeting recordings, upload them to Kaltura. All Kaltura videos are automatically machine captioned (nominally 80-85% accurate). You can use Kaltura's interface to edit captions or order professional captions; see Download and edit captions or transcripts in Kaltura.

Use closed captions in a Zoom meeting

For details about using closed captions in a Zoom meeting, see Using closed captioning.

Recommended vendor for professional live captions in Zoom meetings

For professional live closed captioning, the IU Adaptive Technology and Accessibility Centers (ATAC) recommend using Automatic Sync Technologies (AST). If you require professional live captions for your virtual meetings or webinars, contact the ATAC. The ATAC can work with you to create an account, which will allow you to leverage a lower negotiated rate for captioning and reduce the likelihood of scheduling conflicts.

Once you have an account, the ATAC will provide training on scheduling live captions for your events.

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