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Indiana University's Zoom instance now includes automatic live transcription support from You can enable this service during a Zoom meeting to improve accessibility, although you should not use it if an accommodation request has been received. For accommodation support, contact your campus Disability Services office.

Note: is not available for use with IU Zoom Health accounts.

Use transcription in Zoom applications

For the best experience, install the Zoom desktop application for macOS or Windows, or download the Zoom mobile app for Android or iOS; see Install Zoom on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. Automatic live transcriptions will work when joining Zoom meetings from the Chrome web browser without the desktop application, but you may experience lag.

Automatic live transcription does not work in breakout rooms or in the Zoom application for Linux.

Enable live transcription as a host

Participants will not be able to view the live transcript if the host does not enable this feature.
  1. In your host control bar, click Live Transcript.
  2. From the "Live Transcript" menu, select Enable Auto-Transcription.

Turn on subtitles and view the live transcript

The meeting host can download the transcript after the meeting has concluded and the video has finished processing.
  1. In your meeting control bar, select Live Transcript.
  2. To display subtitles on your screen, select Show Subtitles.
  3. To view the full transcript, select Full Transcript.

Edit the subtitle font size

  1. Launch Zoom.
  2. In the upper right corner, click SettingsSettings menu icon ).
  3. Select Accessibility.
  4. To adjust the subtitle text size, drag the "Closed Caption Font Size" slider to the left or right.

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