Accessibility features in Zoom

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Following are some of the accessibility features in Zoom that enable those with disabilities to schedule, attend, and participate in Zoom meetings and webinars. For more, see Accessibility Features on Zoom.

If closed captioning has been enabled, participants can adjust their desktop client settings to view the live closed captions.

Closed captioning

Closed captioning can be enabled by the host for meetings in Zoom; see About closed captioning in Zoom.

Keyboard shortcuts

For a list of Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts available during Zoom meetings, see the Zoom Help Center's Hot Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom. Keyboard shortcuts are also listed in the Zoom client under Settings > Accessibility.

Meeting controls

To prevent meeting controls from auto-hiding, in the Zoom client, go to Settings > Accessibility, and then select Always show meeting controls.

Play a sound when someone joins or leaves a meeting

Hosts may configure Zoom to play a sound whenever someone joins or leaves a meeting. Log into the IU Zoom web interface, click Meeting Settings, and then, from the "In Meeting (Basic)" options, select Play sound on join/leave.

Be cautious using this setting, especially in large meetings. Frequent sounds as people join and leave can be distracting.

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