Set appointment availability in the Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS)

The Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS) lets staff, faculty, tutors, and other users create and manage blocks of available time in an online calendar. Students may access this calendar to view, schedule, and cancel appointment slots.

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Set up your calendar

When setting up your calendar, you can view an individual day or week by using the Day and Week buttons. Note that appointment blocks cannot be set from the month view.

To navigate between months, use the arrows in the corners.

Appointment restrictions

Appointment restrictions allow only students who fall within selected parameters to view and schedule an appointment slot. To create a restriction:

  1. From your main calendar view, click Manage Restrictions, and then Create/Delete Restrictions.

    Create new restriction screen

  2. Enter a name for your restriction, and then select one of the options below:
    • My Advisees, along with any additional criteria from the drop-down menus
    • Any/all of the parameters you would like associated with that restriction from the drop-down menus
    • One of your Caseload Groups from AdRx
      These are set up as "AND" restrictions, i.e., students have to meet all selected criteria in order to schedule an appointment at the time you specify. The best practice is to make each restriction as clear and simple as possible.
  3. As you add restrictions, they will display on the right. Hover over a restriction to view its details, as well as access the Delete button to remove it. You can edit a restriction from the "Create New Restrictions" screen.

    Restriction details pop-up

Create appointment slots

To set an appointment slot:

  1. Click any 30-minute interval on the calendar. In the quick add box that appears, select the type of appointment:
    • What: Selecting Appointment (in-person appointment), Phone, or Online allows one student to schedule an appointment of that type with you.

      Drop-In shows students that they may drop in to see you, but they cannot reserve that time.

      If you select Group, you can enter the number of students who may meet with you during that appointment block. Students will see the group meeting only if spots are still available.

    • Choose profile: If you have more than one profile, select the appropriate profile for the appointment block. If you have only one profile, your default will be this profile.
    • Building and Room: You can specify which location the student will see when selecting their appointment. The default selection is managed in your user settings, which can be changed by your AdRx administrator. If your building is not listed, there is a Building Not Listed option at the bottom of the Building list; you would then enter both your building and room location in the specified field.
  2. Click Create to add the appointment to your calendar.

    Optional: Click Advanced Options. On the advanced options page, you can adjust an appointment's start and/or end times. Remember to:

    • Put a zero (0) before all single digits
    • Leave no spaces before am/pm (e.g., use 09:00am, not 9:00 am)
  3. Apply restrictions by checking the boxes next to them. If you add more than one restriction within a Group type in this screen, the limitation is an "OR". For example, students who meet either restriction A or restriction B could schedule an appointment at this time.
  4. Check Set Appointment to Repeat to display a drop-down menu with three repeat options: Every Day, Every Weekday, Weekly.

    If you select Every Day or Every Weekday, you can set the begin and end dates for the repeating appointment. You can also choose whether to allow this repeating appointment to override any appointment slots that are already scheduled.

    If you select Weekly, you can select what days of the week for the appointment block to repeat and set the begin/end dates for the recurrence.

View and manage your appointments

You can view appointments by day, week, or month. With day and week views, you see times allotted for each appointment, an icon showing the type of appointment, and restrictions on the appointment block.

View student details

If a student has scheduled to meet with you during an appointment block, the student's name will appear in the box. Click the student's name to see more details, including the student ID and purpose for the appointment.

Change an appointment

From the calendar, you can delete an appointment, change the appointment type (e.g., change from an in-person to a phone appointment), update the reasons for the appointment, or change the profile assigned to the appointment.

To change the appointment time, you must delete the appointment or appointment series and re-create it where desired.

View all appointment blocks

In the month view, you will see the calendar for the month with a listing of how many open appointment blocks you have and how many scheduled appointments you have for each day. Clicking on a specific day will take you to the daily view.

During peak advising times and course registration times, it's possible that all appointment slots are filled and new students will have no times to select unless you add more appointment slots, or make more slots available based on your maximum future time setting in "AdRx - My Current Profile".

Because SAS is integrated into Outlook, student names will display in the subject of the Outlook calendar item. Any related scheduling history (e.g., students who canceled that spot, making it available) will be in the notes area.

Email messages to students

Example confirmation email

Below is an example of an email message sent to students after they schedule an appointment. The appointment details are filled in automatically. The personalized message was created by the advisor in the "Scheduler for Students - Confirmation Message" section in AdRx.

Appointment Confirmation with Beverly Lewis-Burton on Wed Feb 08 2017, 09:00 AM

Hello [your Name]

Your appointment is confirmed with Beverly Lewis-Burton.

Appointment Details

Date : wed Feb 08 2017
Time : 09:00 AM- 09:30 AM
Reason : I need to discuss graduation
Location : Dunes Med/Prof Bldg 3104

Hello! I am looking forward to meeting with you. Please prepare for our meeting by bringing your questions, possible course selections and your academic plan. Thank you for using the calendar.

Beverly Lewis-Burton

Cancellation email

If either the advisor or the appointment schedule manager cancels an existing appointment, the student is automatically notified from the advisor's email. The message includes the reason entered by whoever canceled the appointment.

How to direct students to SAS

Direct students to visit One.IU, search for Student Appointment Scheduler, and look for Student Appointment Scheduler.

You can also send basic directions, such as:

You can access my calendar online to find the time that best fits with your schedule:

SAS One.IU tile URL:

You can also include the SAS URL in an email signature, on your department website, or in Canvas:

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