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Before you begin

IU Scholarships is a vended product from Blackbaud Award Management (BAM).

Before you begin applying for scholarships in IU Scholarships:

For scholarship eligibility purposes, do not use an email account that you share with someone else, even if it is a parent or sibling. Using a shared email address may delay or postpone the processing of your scholarship application(s). If you do not already have an IU email address, you should create one; see Create your first IU computing accounts (admitted students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and those returning to IU).

Complete your General Application in IU Scholarships

Before you can apply to scholarships, you will need to complete your General Application in IU Scholarships.

Completing your General Application does not mean you are applying to all scholarships available to you. Instead, IU Scholarships uses the information to recommend opportunities to you.

To learn more about recommended opportunities and other types of scholarships, see Search for scholarships in IU Scholarships.

Check for scholarship opportunities

Once you submit the General Application, you can search for scholarships.

Remember to check back for new awards and opportunities. IU Scholarships may recommend other scholarships when you change your student information. For example, if you complete the General Application and later change your major from math to political science, you would no longer qualify for math scholarships, but you might see new ones for liberal arts or political science.

About recommendation letters

Some scholarships ask for letters of recommendation. IU Scholarships doesn't have an option to upload letters. Instead, recommenders receive an email message prompting a recommendation submission through the IU Scholarships system. Be sure to ask your references for recommendations before providing their email addresses in the system.

If a recommendation letter hasn't been submitted

  • Contact your recommenders to remind them, and verify that you have the correct email address.
  • If your recommenders don't remember seeing an email request from IU Scholarships, have them check their spam folder in case the request went there.
  • If your recommenders have a school email address (for example,, they may need to check with their technical services to make sure email messages from are not blocked.

You can go back into IU Scholarships up to the deadline to update incorrect email addresses, resend requests, or add an email address for a new recommender.

Upload your transcript

If an application asks for your transcript, follow the instructions to save and upload the unofficial one from your Student Center. You don't have to pay to upload a transcript.

About sensitive and critical data (such as W-2 and tax information)

If one of the submission requirements includes documents that contain critical data, such as a Social Security number (SSN) or bank account numbers, you must be sure the information is removed before uploading the document into IU Scholarships. For help, see Properly redact information at IU.

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