Embed audio or video from Kaltura MediaSpace in IU Blogs

If you want to add audio or video content to a blog post or website, UITS recommends that you save the media files on Kaltura. Media files are often too large to upload directly to blogs or websites, and Kaltura is specifically designed to host and stream media content.

To create an IU Blogs post with embedded audio/video content:

  1. Upload your media content to Kaltura MediaSpace; for instructions, see Upload media to Kaltura MediaSpace.
  2. Select the video, and then, below the video, choose Share.
    To share media, you must be an owner or a co-publisher of that media. If you don't see the share option, you don't have the proper permissions to share the media.
  3. Adjust the player size as needed. UITS recommends 400 x 285 for IU Blogs.
  4. Select the Embed tab and copy all of the code to the clipboard.
  5. In IU Blogs, compose (or edit) the post that will contain the audio/video content.
  6. At the upper right, select the Text tab to switch to the plain-text editor, and paste all of the code there.
  7. Switch back to the visual editor and write or edit your blog post.
  8. When you're finished, publish the post.

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