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Multicourse Announcements, a locally developed tool available in Canvas, allows instructors to post an announcement to multiple courses at the same time. The option to create an announcement for more than one course will automatically appear in the Canvas Announcements tool for all Indiana University courses. If for any reason it does not, instructors can add the tool to the course navigation menu in any Canvas course site to access the same functionality.

  • This tool times out after 15 minutes, causing the message subject and text to be lost. When drafting longer messages, type your message in Microsoft Word or a text editor first, and then copy and paste it into the tool.
  • You need to have an instructor-type role to launch the tool.
  • If you need to edit the announcement after it has been posted, you'll need to edit the individual copies in each course.
  • If you are enrolled in a large number of courses, it may take several seconds for the tool to load and also to publish announcements to several courses.

Post a multicourse announcement from Announcements

  1. Log into Canvas, and navigate to the course in which you wish to compose the announcement.
  2. In the course navigation menu, select Announcements, then select + Multicourse Announcement.
  3. Enter your announcement content and settings in the "Multicourse Announcement" screen.
  4. Under "Courses", select the courses to which you would like to post the announcement. The current course is selected by default. You must select at least one additional course in order to post the announcement.
    The list of available courses only includes those associated with the same term as the current course in which you are enrolled as a teacher or equivalent role and must be active.
  5. Enter the title and announcement message.
  6. To add an attachment, select Upload optional attachment and select the desired file (the file size limit for attachments is 1 MB).
  7. Select Preview to preview the announcement before publishing. Then select Publish to publish to the selected sites or Cancel to continue editing.
  8. After publishing, you may wish to visit the other courses to confirm that the announcement has been posted.

Add Multicourse Announcements to the course navigation

If for any reason you don't see the + Multicourse Announcement button in the Announcements tool, you can enable the Multicourse Announcements tool in the course navigation. It is available in every site, but hidden by default.

To add a hidden tool to your course navigation menu, see How do I manage Course Navigation links?

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