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Digital document cameras have replaced overhead transparency projectors in IU classrooms. These provide similar functionality, but allow instructors to both record and project content prominently.

Display from a document camera

You can display content directly from the document camera to the screen by selecting Doc Cam or a similar source option on the classroom's touch panel control. However, if you wish to switch between content from the document camera and other PC content, such as a PowerPoint presentation, you may prefer to have the document camera displayed on the PC desktop, as described in the following section.

Record or share a document camera

To record the document camera, or to share it through videoconferencing, make sure the camera is first displayed on the PC desktop. Launch the Epson Easy Interactive Tools application on the PC; this app will display the image from most document camera models on the desktop.

If the Easy Interactive Tools app doesn't work, the classroom you're in may have one of the few older document cameras which require a specific application. Look for the one of the apps listed below:

Manufacturer Application
Elmo Image Mate
WolfVision vSolution Link
HoverCam HoverCam Flex

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