Determine report security from the IUIE Master Catalog

This information is for Data Managers using the IUIE.

In the IUIE, security information for each report object is available from several sources. To determine report security using the Master Catalog:

  1. In the IUIE, click the Catalog tab, and then click Master Catalog.
  2. At the bottom of the report object index on the left, click the Manage tab.
  3. In the report object index, navigate to the report for which you want to determine security, and then click the report title. You will see one or both of the following options, depending on the report's security settings:
    • Object Level Access
    • Row Level Security
  4. Click either option to see what security is assigned to the report:
    • Clicking Object Level Access will open a page listing all the object-level user groups assigned to that report.

      Note: You may also see restricted row-level (RRL) user groups in the list.

    • Clicking Row Level Security will display the row-level values used to secure the data.
  5. Click Return to go back to the previous screen.

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