Activate your IU Zoom Health account

View a video about logging into your Zoom Health account for the first time.

To log into an Indiana University Zoom Health account for the first time:

  1. You should already have an email address, but if not, you need to create one. For instructions, see Create a new IU email address; if you have problems, contact your campus Support Center.

    If you already have an email address, continue to the next step.

  2. Go to Zoom at IU, and then click Log in to Zoom Health at IU.
  3. On the screen that says "You are signing into a Zoom account that is different from your current one", click Switch to the New Account.
  4. On the "Switch to the New Zoom account" screen, carefully read the information about the potential consequences of switching Zoom accounts, and then click I Acknowledge and Switch.
  5. You'll see a notification that Zoom has sent you an email message containing account activation instructions. In that email message, click Switch your Zoom account to New Account to activate your new account.
    If you don't see the Zoom email in your inbox, check your junk mail folder.
  6. On the confirmation screen, click Sign in Now, and then enter your IU username and passphrase to log into your Zoom Health account.

Once you log into your Zoom Health account, your previously scheduled meetings will appear under My Meetings, and you no longer will be able to log into the standard IU Zoom instance.


This UITS system or service meets certain requirements established in the HIPAA Security Rule thereby enabling its use for work involving data that contain protected health information (PHI). However, using this system or service does not fulfill your legal responsibilities for protecting the privacy and security of data that contain PHI. You may use this system or service for work involving data that contain PHI only if you institute additional administrative, physical, and technical safeguards that complement those UITS already has in place.

Zoom Health accounts do not allow cloud recordings. If you use a Zoom Health account, you can record Zoom meetings locally to your workstation. Once your recording is complete, follow HIPAA best practices for storing any recording that contains protected health information (PHI).

To request a new institutional storage account, fill out the Storage @ IU Institutional storage request form.

At Indiana University, never store files containing sensitive institutional data, especially protected health information (PHI) regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), on your desktop workstation, laptop, USB flash drive, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device unless the files are properly encrypted on the device, and your senior executive officer or the IU Institutional Review Board (IRB) has given prior written approval. Because PHI must remain encrypted at rest, make sure you are using full-disk encryption on any device that has research data containing PHI on it. If you are not sure, ask your department or school IT Pro for help.

For guidance on division of responsibility when using a UITS system approved for PHI, see Shared responsibility model for securing PHI on UITS systems.

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