Revoke all row security for an individual user within a module in the IUIE

This information is for Data Managers using the IUIE.

In the IUIE, you can use the Revoke All option to revoke all row security for an individual user:

  1. Select the Manage Access tab, and then select Collections.
  2. Enter a username in the "Username" box and select Filter.
  3. Select Row Security for: USERNAME, and then select the folder corresponding to the module for which you are responsible.
  4. Select Revoke All.

    Revoke All will appear only if you have items that are labeled "granted" or "grant request pending".

    When you select Revoke All, the logic will run through the existing edits for row security requests and will revoke what it can. If other types of outstanding requests exist (such as Grant Request or Revoke Request Pending), an error message will appear.

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Last modified on 2024-06-12 11:45:32.