How can I use HSI or HTAR under Cygwin in Windows?

Cygwin is a package of GNU and open source tools for providing Unix-like functionality on workstations running Microsoft Windows. With Cygwin installed, you can use HSI and HTAR from your Windows workstation to access your account on Indiana University's Scholarly Data Archive (SDA).

You can download and install Cygwin for 32- or 64-bit Windows from the Cygwin Mirror Sites page; for installation help, see the Cygwin Installation page.

For use on personal workstations, IU SDA users can download and install HSI (bundled with its companion program, HTAR) from the UITS Research Storage HSI folder in Box. Bundles are available for 32- and 64-bit Windows, OS X, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and for 64-bit Ubuntu Linux.

  • To run HSI/HTAR under Cygwin, you must unblock the Windows firewall for HSI data transfer; see When using HSI to transfer files from or to the IU SDA, why do I get an "Error -1 on transfer" error? If you can't modify the firewall rules, use the firewall -on command in HSI (this setting lets HSI work on computers that restrict incoming network connections, but it also disables parallel data transfer, which may impact performance).
  • Files containing PHI must be encrypted when they are stored (i.e., at rest) and when they are transferred between networked systems (i.e., in transit). Do not use HSI, HTAR, or Samba to transfer data containing PHI unless those data are encrypted already; HSI, HTAR, and Samba do not encrypt data during transit. To ensure that files containing PHI remain encrypted during transit, use SFTP/SCP or the IU Globus Web App. To ensure that files containing PHI are encrypted when they are stored on the SDA, encrypt them before transferring them. For more, see Recommended tools for encrypting data containing HIPAA-regulated PHI.

    UITS provides consulting and online help for Indiana University researchers, faculty, and staff who need help securely processing, storing, and sharing data containing protected health information (PHI). If you have questions about managing HIPAA-regulated data at IU, contact UITS HIPAA Consulting. To learn more about properly ensuring the safe handling of PHI on UITS systems, see the UITS IT Training video Securing HIPAA Workflows on UITS Systems. For additional details about HIPAA compliance at IU, see HIPAA Privacy & Security on the University Compliance website.

For help using HSI and HTAR, see:

If you have questions about using HSI or HTAR at IU, contact the UITS Research Storage team.

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