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Google at IU My Drive, available as part of Google at IU, provides a simple, secure way to share and store files online. The sharing settings allow secure collaboration on files and folders.

Google at IU accounts are unrelated to personal Google accounts that are available free to the public; for more, see Compare Google at IU accounts and personal (free) Google accounts.


Private folders

When you create a new folder, it will be private by default. Private folders have a plain folder icon.

Shared folders

The shared folder icon displays a person symbol. You can share folders with specific people, generate share links, and/or share folders with a Google Group. For content that should be restricted to a specific audience, UITS recommends sharing with specific people or with a Google Group rather than using a share link.

To share files and folders using Google My Drive, follow the steps at Share folders in Google Drive.

  • When sharing with specific people, use username@iu.edu to share with other Google at IU users.
  • When sharing with external users, you will receive a prompt indicating that you are sharing with an external user, and you will need to confirm to continue.

Google My Drive has three permissions settings:

  • Can view
  • Can organize, add, & edit
  • Is owner

To access advanced sharing settings, right-click a file or folder, select Share, and then choose Advanced.

  • Prevent editors from changing access and adding new people will make it so that only the owner can add, remove, and adjust permissions of collaborators. This is a good option to have selected from a security standpoint if a folder has many collaborators and contains data that should be restricted to a specific audience.
  • In the advanced settings, you can also change the permissions settings of collaborators on a folder, including making someone else an owner of the folder (this will remove you as an owner and change your permission to Can organize, add, & edit).

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