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Teams Calls provides office telephone service for faculty and staff at Indiana University.

For more, see About Microsoft Teams Calls at IU.

For most individual employee phone lines, UITS recommends audio devices that depend on a computer, namely:

  • Headsets: USB headsets provide ease of use and the greatest number of feature options. Many models of USB headset work well with Microsoft Teams Calls.
  • USB speakerphones: In private work settings or conference rooms, USB speakerphone models will work well for those who desire a phone.
  • USB phones: Where a telephone is desired for an individual employee in an open office environment, a USB phone may be appropriate.
  • Internal computer audio devices: In some private work settings, faculty or staff may prefer to simply use a laptop's internal speaker and microphone for calls or meetings.

Some shared phone situations, such as front desks, common areas, labs, classrooms, and conference rooms without a computer, require IP phones, which connect directly to a wired network jack and will not require you to be logged into a computer. Older IP phone models (see below) no longer work. Replace these with a device that is compatible with or certified for Microsoft Teams, whether they are being used in a shared phone situation or at an individual's desk.


If your department plans to take payment card transactions, contact the Office of the Treasurer for guidance.

Obtain audio equipment from UITS

For the best user experience, UITS recommends USB devices and headsets whenever possible, but all equipment below (including the IP desk phones) will work with Teams Calls.

  • IU Bloomington and IU Indianapolis:

    When establishing telephone service for a new phone number, charges may include amounts for the new number, the phone equipment (based on the type of equipment requested) and the installation. Charges also apply for additional devices for a given employee, or for replacements for obsolete equipment. For rates, see UITS Rates for Direct-Bill Services. To request new equipment, use the UITS Telecommunications Request form (see step-by-step instructions below).

  • Other campuses: Consult your campus IT group to determine how to obtain equipment.

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  1. Review the Teams-compatible equipment recommended below. You will need to be logged into the IU Knowledge Base.
  2. If you have questions about the equipment, contact UITS Telecom at 812-856-2287, option 3 for IU Bloomington, or 317-274-3004, option 3 for IU Indianapolis.
  3. Go to telecom.iu.edu.
  4. Select Internal Service Requests.
  5. On the next page, select Internal to IU.
  6. In the "Phone Service: Teams Calls" tile, select Teams Call Service Request.
  7. Complete the form. If the desired equipment is not on the form, specify your request in the "Details" section.
  8. Select Submit to send your request to UITS Telecom. They will contact you with any questions they have.

If the equipment is in stock, it may be available in 24-48 hours. Otherwise, it may take about a week for new phone equipment inventory to arrive.


Charges may include the cost of the equipment plus an installation fee of up to $115. To avoid the installation fee:

  • Bloomington campus: Indicate your preference to pick up the equipment at the CIB lobby desk in the "Details" section of the request form.
  • Indianapolis campus: Indicate your preference to pick up the equipment at the ICTC lobby desk in the "Details" section of the request form.

Optional additional equipment

  • USB adapter (C to A): $14.00
  • Wall bracket for CCX 400 phone: $20.00
  • Wall bracket for CCX 500 phone: $20.00

Compatible but no longer available for purchase

Departments may choose to retain the models listed below where they are already deployed; these will work with Teams Calls (with exceptions as noted below).

Polycom CX300 desktop phone
  • Plugs into your computer with a USB-A cable; you must be logged into your computer to use the phone
  • Some features may not work as expected; see Known issues with Microsoft Teams.
  • CX300 R2 version required for macOS
Polycom CX300 USB phone
Poly CCX 400 desktop IP phone
  • Entry-level business media desk phone
  • Connects directly to a data jack (can be used without a computer)
  • May work for smaller conference rooms
  • Multitouch-capable color touchscreen
  • 5-inch color LCD (720 x 1280 pixel)
  • On-screen virtual keyboard
  • One USB-A port (2.0 compliant)
CCX 400/500 IP phone
Poly CCX 500 desktop IP phone
  • Mid-range business media desk phone
  • Connects directly to a data jack (can be used without a computer)
  • May work for smaller conference rooms
  • 5-inch color LCD (720 x 1280 pixel)
  • On-screen virtual keyboard
  • One USB-A and one USB-C port (2.0 compliant)
  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0
CCX 400/500 IP phone

Unsupported phone models

The following models of IP phones no longer work in the Teams Calls environment. Departments should use the UITS Telecommunications Request form for assistance in replacing these devices.

Model Image
Polycom VVX 500 series phone Photo of the Polycom VVX 500 phone
Polycom CX600 phone Polycom CX600 IP desk phone

Departmental purchase of equipment

UITS encourages departments to purchase audio equipment through the process listed above. If your department chooses to purchase equipment independently, make sure that any models you purchase are certified for Microsoft Teams. Many different headset models will work, but IP phones may be incompatible unless they are designed to work with Teams Calls. For assistance in choosing equipment, use the UITS Telecommunications Request form to contact UITS Communications Planning and Implementation.

UITS does not provide webcams; departments that want to provide them for employees can order them as described below.

For departmental purchases independent of UITS Telecom, order from CDW-G using BUY.IU for negotiated contract prices.

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