ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, as a portfolio site coordinator, how do I maintain the site roster?

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Note: In the context of the Roster and Site Setup tool, the term "participant" refers to a member of the site, regardless of the user's role in the site. The same word also refers to a specific role in portfolio sites. In this section, unless the instructions make explicit reference to a user's role, the intention is the former, more generic definition.

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Adding or removing participants

Unlike course site rosters, which are updated automatically based on data in IU's Student Information System, the coordinator must maintain the roster of the portfolio site. Methods for adding and removing participants in a portfolio site include:

  • Merge users from another site: This method imports the entire roster from another site into the portfolio site. After the import, roster changes in the sites from which users were imported do not affect the portfolio site roster. For instructions, see ARCHIVED: Importing material or participants from another site you own.
  • Manually add and remove participants: Use this approach for portfolio users that cannot be conveniently added by another method. For instructions, see ARCHIVED: Adding, editing, or removing participants.
  • Site association with roster syncing: This method synchronizes the portfolio site roster with the the roster(s) of associated course sites. When roster syncing is first turned on, all students in the course site are added to the portfolio site as participants and all instructors are added as evaluators. As students and/or instructors are added or removed in the associated sites, the portfolio site roster is automatically updated. Use this method for department- and program-level portfolio projects in which the portfolio users are students in specific classes in your program. To associate a course or project site with your portfolio site, see ARCHIVED: Associating a site with the Matrices tool. (Using these instructions with roster syncing affects the roster for all tools in the portfolio site, not just Matrices.)

    Note: Roster syncing is disabled by default in new sites. To request that it be enabled in your site, contact the Oncourse administrators. Once administrators have enabled roster syncing, you can turn it off and on; see Turning roster syncing on or off below.

Note: Students who participate in your portfolio site may want or need access to the materials and reflections they added to their matrices and presentations, even if they change majors or complete the program with which the site is associated. Therefore, think carefully before deleting participants. Instead, you can hide them from the list of active users by creating and adding them to a group of users who are no longer active members of your portfolio community.

If you remove a user who has submitted portfolio content, the content is not deleted. To restore access to the content, add the user back into the site.

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Using groups to manage large portfolio sites

If your portfolio site has a large number of users or will be used by multiple cohorts starting in different semesters or years, you can create groups to make the site easier to manage. Groups can also be used to assign specific evaluators and reviewers to specific participants. Currently, the Matrices and Evaluations tools are group-aware. In Matrices, by default, site members with permission to see the drop-down user list can see only the names of users who are in the same group(s) they are. In the Evaluations tool, evaluators see only submissions from participants in their own groups. Groups can be large (e.g., all the students in a program on a particular campus) or small (e.g., one student and a faculty mentor).

For instructions on adding, changing, or deleting groups, see ARCHIVED: Managing groups.

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Turning roster syncing on or off

When roster syncing is turned on, all users in the student, member, or participant role in the associated sites will be added to the portfolio site as participants, and all instructors will be added as evaluators. Also, a new group will be created in the portfolio site for each associated site. When users are added to or removed from the rosters of associated sites, the roster and groups in the portfolio site will be automatically updated. It may take a few minutes for these changes to be reflected in the portfolio site.

Once system administrators have enabled roster syncing for your site, you can turn it off and on as follows:

  1. From the menubar of the portfolio site, choose Matrices.
  2. Choose Manage Site Associations. Associated sites are listed on the main "Manage Site Associations" page, and the roster sync status for each site is listed in the "Roster Sync" column.
  3. To change the status, check the box(es) for the desired site(s) and click Roster Sync On or Roster Sync Off, as appropriate.
  4. Click Remove to confirm the action.

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