ARCHIVED: Testing connectivity in Adobe Connect

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Adobe Connect, IU's previous web collaboration and conferencing system, became read-only on August 31, 2017, and was fully retired on December 28, 2017. After a comprehensive pilot evaluation, Zoom was selected as its replacement.

UITS converted Adobe Connect recordings to MP4 format, but Adobe Presenter files were not automatically converted. UITS offers a content migration service for faculty who need assistance moving Presenter content to other platforms. To take advantage of this service, complete the Adobe Presenter Migration Support form.

In Adobe Connect, test your connectivity by following the instructions below.

Diagnostics tool

When in a Connect meeting room, meeting attendees can access the Connect diagnostics tool by opening the Help menu and then selecting Troubleshooting. To access the tool directly, go to Test Meeting Connection.

This troubleshooting page will run diagnostics to test:

  • Whether Adobe Flash Player is installed for your web browser and whether your version of Flash Player is supported by Adobe Connect
  • Your connectivity to IU's Connect server
  • Your connection speed
  • Whether the ARCHIVED: Adobe Connect Add-in is installed

If the tool determines that the Adobe Connect Add-in is not installed, it will offer to install it for you. Once you have the add-in, it will be used to join all future Connect meetings from your computer.

If the tool reports that it detects a poor connection, try quitting all other bandwidth-intensive applications (e.g., streaming video, online gaming). If the tool continues to report a poor connection, consider moving to a more reliable network (e.g., a wired rather than wireless connection, or a campus computing lab).

Latency meter

For a live report of your network capabilities and the bandwidth Connect is using, view the in-room latency meter. To use this tool, click the green button (it may be yellow or red if your network connection is extremely poor) in the upper-right corner of the Connect meeting room.

The latency meter will report the bandwidth you are sending up to the Connect server (i.e., your audio, video, and screen share) and the bandwidth you are receiving down from the Connect server (i.e., other users' audio, video, and screen share). The second number listed for "Latency" in the meter is the best indicator of whether or not you are experiencing network issues while attending a Connect meeting. This number will fluctuate, but if it stays above 250 msec, your network connection is likely too slow to attend the Connect meeting. In this case, you'll experience audio and video dropouts and should seek out a more reliable network from which to attend the Connect meeting.

For more, see the ARCHIVED: Adobe Connect menu.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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