ARCHIVED: About the UITS Electronic Document Storage (EDS) service and EDS site collections

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At Indiana University, the UITS Electronic Document Storage (EDS) service improves efficiency by allowing staff to capture paper documents electronically and transfer them to centralized electronic document libraries. Some features of the EDS service include:

  • A user interface that integrates with the web, Microsoft Office, and other applications
  • The ability to capture, image, store, preserve, and retrieve content for staff using industry-standard scanning devices
  • Document processing
  • The ability to scan documents in batches using commodity hardware
  • Automated metadata tagging and document routing to appropriate document libraries, and review/revision by the relevant data stewards
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Compatibility with UITS Enterprise Infrastructure architecture

SharePoint and KnowledgeLake site collections

Site collection administrators have created EDS sites for OVPIT and its supported partners, UITS, and the College of Arts and Sciences; for more, see ARCHIVED: How can I get help using the UITS Electronic Document Storage (EDS) service? Your EDS site is separate from any other SharePoint site you own, and is intended only for the storage of electronic documents. You should use another site collection if you want to use other SharePoint features, such as discussions, tasks, and calendars.

More information

For more about the EDS service, see the ARCHIVED: EDS project page, and:

For more about KnowledgeLake at IU, see ARCHIVED: What is KnowledgeLake, and where is it being implemented at IU?

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