Print from an IUanyWare application

Printing from an IUanyWare application is similar to printing from other applications. However, not all applications handle printing the same way; adjust accordingly.

Choose to print your file. IUanyWare supports a list of UITS-managed enterprise printers:

  • IU_BW: B&W printers located in student printing spaces, including STCs (Student Technology Centers)
  • IU_Color: Color printers located in student printing spaces, including STCs
  • CIBPRT: Routes output to the printers in the Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB); access limited to those who work in the CIB

Additionally, you may see:

  • Adobe PDF: This is a virtual printer which allows you to create an Adobe PDF file, name it, and store it on your local computer or in your cloud storage location of choice.
  • Your local default printer: Visible only if you've set your default printer before logging into IUanyWare and have Citrix Receiver installed. Citrix Receiver for HTML5 will not map your local printers. If your device isn't able to have a default set, you are limited to the above options.

After selecting the printer, select any other settings available for your printer, choose the desired number of copies, and click Print.

For help with IUanyWare, contact your campus Support Center, or search this Knowledge Base.

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