ARCHIVED: Why is my IU passphrase expiring?

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Indiana University computing accounts provide access to a wealth of valuable data, much of it sensitive and protected by policy or law, that includes but is not limited to: personally identifiable information, protected health information, and personal and institutional financial data. IU places the utmost importance on the safety and security of its information resources. Each individual who uses a Network ID passphrase helps to reduce the risk to that data, and eliminating insecure passwords and even old passphrases protects people against hacking and misuse of important data.

For these reasons, IU and the University Information Policy and Security Offices (UIPO and UISO) require that all accounts maintain Network ID passphrases that are less than two years old.

IT policy has always required users to safeguard information and IT resources by selecting strong passwords or passphrases and updating them regularly. Passphrase expirations clarify that objective and ensure proper compliance. IU will continue to enforce the passphrase age limit as a permanent requirement.

If you have questions about passphrases at IU, contact your campus Support Center.

  • If your passphrase is approaching expiration: CAS (Central Authentication Service) will begin warning you 30 days in advance of the expiration date, indicating the number of days remaining. Changing your passphrase will reset the two-year clock.

    If you see no such message upon a successful CAS login, it's safe to assume your passphrase age is fine.

  • To change your passphrase: See Change your IU passphrase. IU recommends that, if your passphrase is close to or over two years old, you change it as soon as possible, before it expires.

    If you have multiple devices that you use to log in with your passphrase, you must ensure that your passphrase is updated on each device. See Precautions when changing your passphrase

    If you passphrase has expired, mail will continue to be delivered to your IU email account.

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