Quick setup for the Duo Mobile app if you already use Two-Step Login (Duo) at IU

  1. Go to Two-Step Login (Duo).

    If prompted, log in with your IU username and passphrase.

    You will receive email notification if your login is completed successfully.

  2. Choose Manage devices & settings.

     Security Center screen: Select 'Manage devices & settings'

  3. Use the Duo Control Panel to complete another two-step login.

    Security Center: Complete another two-step login

  4. In the Duo Control Panel, select Add another device.

    Security Center: Select 'Add another device'

  5. Select Mobile phone, and then continue enrolling your smartphone.

    Security Center: Select 'Mobile phone'

  6. Once your smartphone is enrolled, you may set it as your default device using the drop-down in the Duo Control Panel.

    Security Center: Select default device and 'When I log in' option

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Last modified on 2023-08-01 15:27:50.